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12/27/09 7:33:19PM
Georges St. Pierre airs his apprehensions:

"You can say 'Oh I'm going to play football, I'm going to play hockey, I'm going to play baseball.' But you can't say I'm going to play fighting. It's not a game," the UFC welterweight champion told fans last month during a question-and-answer session prior to UFC 105 in Manchester, England. "It's a sport, yes, but it's a full-contact sport. And the way I fight, my so-called friend, if I fight him, it can affect his well-being.

"So let's say I'm mounted, on top of my friend, and it's time to land this last big elbow that will probably make a scar in the middle of his forehead and knock him out cold and cause him brain damage," he added, drawing laughs from crowd. "No I'm telling it like it is, if he's my friend, I'm going to think twice before I do it. I won't be able to do that to a friend. So that's the reason why I will never fight a friend. I know a lot of fighters who will disagree with me, but me that's my personal belief."

12/27/09 7:45:17PM
already been posted
12/27/09 7:47:08PM
Hmmm. I just did a search for it and came up with nothing. Was it recent?
12/27/09 10:47:17PM
i see were the hes coming from but sometimes that sucks for fans. i want see anderson silva vs lyoto machida but they say they are friends and will never fight. and what about tito ortiz saying he wouldnt fight chuck liddel back in the day because they were friends even though chuck wanted to knock him out. he was definitely using it as an excuse to not fight.
12/27/09 11:58:30PM
I see the point. Sparring you are at 60-80% and you don't have ill intent in your head when you are doing your thing. Fighting on the other hand the other dude is seriously tyring to hurt you. You have to make a mental switch to match and out do his aggression. I wouldn't want to "FIGHT" my brother but I don't mind a sparring session. I have fought a friend and I felt really bad later as he had to put superglue in a huge cut I opened up on his eyebrow. Not something I was proud of and it made me feel like crap.
12/28/09 2:03:33AM

its on the second page as of now
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