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7/3/08 1:20:12PM
The seeming lack of buzz surrounding UFC 86 is decidedly counterculture to what has otherwise been a tremendous year for mixed martial arts.

From MMA's debut on network TV to the UFC's wildly successful showing in Canada, and a highly anticipated grudge match between BJ Penn and Sean Sherk, just to name a few, 2008 has delivered for MMA fans.

On paper, UFC 86 appears to have the marquee main-event match-up necessary to keep the momentum rolling. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is back after a nine-month layoff to defend his light heavyweight belt against one of the original "Ultimate Fighters," Forrest Griffin, whose stock is rising after stopping 205-pound wunderkind Mauricio Rua.

This is edge-of-your-seat stuff, right? Apparently, not.

7/3/08 3:52:42PM
I'm looking forward to it.
7/3/08 3:57:27PM
I am excited about it!!!!!!!!
7/3/08 4:10:38PM
i dont see how you cant be pumped for this card.
7/3/08 4:11:44PM
im actually really excited for this ppv
7/3/08 4:28:08PM
i didn't even realize people thought this was going to be a bad card. Is it not selling tickets well? Either way it's going to be an entertaining card. But maybe we do need a little break. It's not that I don't want to see more mma fights, but it begins to hurt having to pay out every month after month after month. Now, I understand that it's the same as going out for a nice dinner or w/e but i can see how people are tired of having to put out every month.
7/3/08 4:30:47PM
We will see what kind of numbers they bring in. I think this story is overblown.

I am freaking pumped about this card!
7/3/08 6:20:55PM
yeah really the only time when I see anything in regards to lack of excitement for ufc 86 is when someone posts a topic on here saying it's not exciting or I'm not pumped and then the topic garners 20 or so replys defying that and in fact everyone is talking about it.
Weird but whatever I'm too excited I'm like seeing visions of the main event everywhere haha.
7/3/08 6:35:47PM
I cant wait.
7/3/08 6:46:09PM
I'm excited for this event. It's a very solid card. I want to see Koscheck vs. Lytle and Griffin vs. Aurelio. Lets get it on!
7/3/08 7:21:33PM
I can't wait for either fight, I'm gonna be watching...
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