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10/26/09 7:38:36PM
I guess this is the best we can expect at this point.

Carwin tweets
10/26/09 10:27:48PM
108 will be stacked unless they move one of those fights to 106
10/26/09 11:09:01PM
If the fight happens at 108, they could possibly move Silva/Belfort back if they needed too.
10/26/09 11:22:39PM
They should leave both title fights on the 108 card. Carwin draws the casual fans and Silva draws the hardcores. Big sales, great night of fights. The only downside is that it leaves 106 kinda weak IMO. There are some good fights on the card at this point, but the 106 card definitely took a big hit today.
10/26/09 11:57:02PM
well there have been worst main events than ortiz vs griffin 2. I mean those two can draw some good numbers, espcially since the first match was a SD win.
10/27/09 12:47:43AM
here is to hopeing lesnar that big galoot is healthy and at his best for 108
10/27/09 3:37:25AM
i really wanted the silva vs belfort match they will move it to ufc 109 or ufc 110 now watch

main will be the lesnar fight

watch they will move a bout from ufc 107 either florian vs guida, mir vs kongo or fitch vs alves to ufc 106 for co main event

my money is on mir fight being moved

big blow to card, glad i am not going to ufc 106
10/27/09 1:01:21PM
how great would it be if machida vs shogun 2 went to 106 as a replacement
10/27/09 7:39:17PM

Posted by Lord_Lenny

how great would it be if machida vs shogun 2 went to 106 as a replacement

10/28/09 6:07:23PM
This situation really sucks. KOS vs Rumble is a good fight b ut not Co main event hype! Ohh well. Hopfully Brocks better by 108!!??????
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