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6/6/07 6:09:29PM
Does anyone know where to find any good cartoon mma pics or where to find some I can use on this site ? I found a few but they're all the wrong format.
6/6/07 6:37:30PM
Are you talking about these?

6/6/07 10:42:25PM
Those are cool but really I just meant still pics. They don't have to move.
6/7/07 12:14:04AM
Weird you mention this, as I've seen people use some fighter caricatures as their avatars. Search a forum poster named "Meg" and you get one of Forrest. Seen Joe Lauzon had one of himself too. If you can find more or where they're from you can use them. Maybe shoot Meg a personal message about it.
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6/7/07 12:33:10AM
I have the original as well, but it is too big to post...
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6/7/07 2:18:19AM
There is a thread on sherdog with a bunch of them. im sorry i cant remember the name of the thread. but i think you'll be able to find it if you looked.
6/7/07 6:21:07PM
King, is it in the media section?
6/9/07 5:41:11PM
They are all from

Dana Dropping the "F Bombs"

The Buffer

Some more...

The Champs

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