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6/27/07 11:59:36PM
Carter Williams tested positive for cocaine in the post fight tests for Strikeforce/Elite XC, check out the story...

6/28/07 12:04:33AM
wow thats all u can say when a fighter yest positive for shit like that
6/28/07 12:27:24AM
Gotta wonder what could be going through his head when he decided to go ahead and put somethin like that in his body....not to mention within three days of a fight.
6/28/07 12:34:10AM
Was he related to ricky williams? Dumb choice.

6/28/07 12:44:06AM

Posted by Piccosaur

Was he related to ricky williams? Dumb choice.

or Melvin Guillard!?!
6/28/07 12:51:29AM
Maybe that's why he tried to take Buenatello down the entire fight
6/28/07 1:03:19AM
It's unbelievable how these guys with bright future's throw it away by doing dumb stuff like this. All they have to do is train hard and make good sound decisions and people like Williams will have successful careers. WHY? WHY!
6/28/07 8:21:16AM
If I had half the opportunities these guys did, I wouldnt be doing drugs thats for sure Imagine the impact it has on their credibility too. it's just sad.
6/28/07 10:48:12AM
They just have to take a few pointers from chuck on how not to get caught with it in thier system.
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