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6/2/08 12:53:54AM
I'm doing my picks for UFC 85 and I may have just found myself a solid underdog bonus bet.

Burns is listed on the UFC site as being 457cm tall (which is 15 feet tall) LINK

With the reach I imagine goes along with height like that; It's possible Carneiro doesn't even get close enough to grapple.
6/2/08 12:56:37AM

I thought you were for real when I read the thread name...I was like..damn..that was one of the few fights I were confident about on this card..(rough card to pick for me)

6/2/08 12:56:42AM
With this new knowledge I pick Burns to win by Foot Stomp to the Dome.
6/2/08 12:58:43AM
Burns by Legkick to the head rnd 1 TKO
6/2/08 1:00:05AM
i know what you mean, im having a hard time picking winners at ufc 85.

but i think roan will dominate in this fight, hopefully.
6/2/08 1:14:09AM
Cool, Roan can change his nicname to "Giant Slayer" if he wins this fight.

Seriously though, Roans gonna kick his ass.
6/2/08 6:40:01PM
this card and last event of season in july is giving me headaches i will either win big or lose big time.
but out of 11 fights i see me losing at least 4 on this one
biggest if's are

vera vs werdum
sanchez vs hardcock ( i'm sorry i mean hardonk)
and hughes vs alves
6/4/08 10:47:33AM
At 15' tall, his lanky legs and arms will make nice targets for submissions. And with almost no muscle on them (he's gotta make weight, right?) I think we'll see some broken bones in this one.
6/4/08 11:48:09AM
In that case guess we'll only be seeing leg kicks and foot lock attemps.
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