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3/10/08 7:07:15AM
Roan Carneiro (Pictures) and Ryo Chonan (Pictures) have signed to fight at UFC 85 on June 7 in London, sources close to both camps have told

The bout will be a rematch of a Feb. 12, 2005, meeting in Deep. Chonan (14-8) stopped the Brazilian on a cut in that first fight after landing a knee as Carneiro (12-6) tried for a takedown.

Both fighters have since dropped from the middleweight division to 170 pounds.
3/10/08 7:13:05AM
i was wondering when Ryo was fighting again.

I always love a good rematch, should be a decent fight.
Undercard though?
3/10/08 7:50:30AM
I think im taking Roan this time around. Should be a solid fight.
3/10/08 8:38:39AM
I like ...................... even tho the original fight was a proper legit win this is a good fight to make right now
3/10/08 8:41:44AM
85 looking perty solid
3/10/08 6:25:56PM
Ryo via flying skizzers
3/10/08 6:34:40PM
3/10/08 6:46:47PM
good fight i hope it makes the main card
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