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POLL: Who would win?
Carlos Condit 33% (11)
Jake Shields 67% (22)
7/27/08 10:55:48PM
Just wondering who everyone would pick in this matchup if it ever happend. Carlos Condit vs. Jake Shields. This would be one heck of a fight in my opinion.
7/27/08 11:26:34PM
it has happened. Jake shields won via decision and jake would whoop him again.
7/27/08 11:38:44PM
Jake is a mess when its standing..I think Carlos could beat him if he can keep it up.....if it goes down I dont see either being submitted

Carlos rnd 4 TKO
7/27/08 11:40:42PM
Jake overwhelmed Condit the first time and i agree with Twenty20Dollars that he would easily do it again.
7/28/08 12:27:52AM
I think Shields would win in a rematch. Condit just doesn't impress me as much. Shields is more skilled in more areas of the fight game.
7/28/08 1:00:32AM
I mean just look at the competition these two guys have fought.

jake is fighting bigger names and winning. Then condit hasnt really.
7/28/08 1:24:02AM
nothing against Condit as both fighters are better than when they last fought but Shields is just too skilled for Condit right now. He just completely dominated Nick Thompson, who I also think could beat Condit. Shields would submit him this time though.
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