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9/17/09 8:47:03AM
OKLAHOMA CITY – Former WEC welterweight champ Carlos Condit (23-5 MMA, 1-1 UFC) appeared nearly unstoppable during his five-fight WEC run.

But after fighting at Wednesday night's "UFC Fight Night 19: Diaz vs. Guillard" to a split-decision result for the second time in two UFC appearances, Condit knows there's still work to be done before he can replicate his WEC success in the sport's biggest promotion.

9/17/09 9:32:34AM
he got lucky i saw him losing that fight 29-28
jake impressed me!!!
9/17/09 10:40:10AM
He was suppose to crush this guy and he failed to impress once again. I didn't think Kenny could have possibly been correct by saying his killer instinct is to strong but that might be the case with Carlos.
9/17/09 10:48:08AM
ellenberger deserves a lot of credit, he looked very good and maybe carlos didnt show him enough respect early on, but he ended up settling in and getting the W. that was a heck of a fight, but it was tough to follow nate and tim.
9/17/09 1:20:34PM

Great fight, and I thought Condit did enough to earn the victory. But he was DAMN close to starting out 0-2 in the UFC.

Step it up young man!
9/17/09 1:37:58PM
I thought he was almost finished there when he went into the fetal position. Tremendous heart, to pull out the win for Natural Born Killer.
9/17/09 4:52:59PM
Great fight, and I'm a big fan of Condit, but IMO that fight should have been over. If you curl up in the fetal position for as long as he did--that's endgame.

Condit looked a little sluggish on his feet, and his kicks had a Hideki Nomo-ish delivery, that almost always gave Ellenberger plenty of time to tee off. Gotta love the natural born killers propensity for trying to finish the fight, but he was very sloppy on the ground. It wasn't just him getting reversed because he's going for's that he wasn't even really securing an arm when he was transitioning from the back mount to an armbar.

I scored it a draw..10-8 Ellenberger in the 1st, and Condit took the next two stanzas. Great fight either way, can't wait to see both guys in action again.
9/17/09 9:55:44PM
I have noticed that the end of the fight is effecting the judge's a lot more lately. I was greatly impressed with Jake.....and let the huggery begin!
9/17/09 11:35:26PM
He definately has work to do and Kenny is right sometimes he goes for very complex submissions that open him up but man...he showed heart and I'll watch that ANY day.
9/18/09 8:09:11AM
First and foremost i think he needs to work on NOT losing position on the ground. I can't remember how often he lost mount inthere, where he could have finished the fight.entertaining after all though and yes, ellenberger seems to be a good addition to the welterweight division.
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