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POLL: Condit or GSP to win?
Condit 12% (5)
GSP 88% (37)
3/2/08 5:15:41PM
Possibly a very legit match up

Or Maybe a condit vs Anderson Silva

or Silva vs GSP. would all be amazing fights.
3/2/08 5:18:50PM
Silva GSP is the only good fight I see here.
3/2/08 5:21:20PM
come on Carlos Condit !!

The guy would not even beat Koscheck or Fitch, not to mention Hughes and Karo.

GSP by total destruction !!

3/2/08 5:54:07PM
Condit will go to the UFC but he must be handled very carefully. I'm more interested in Diaz Condit. GSP destroys him hands down.

Condit will be ready for the title after a feww fights and a couple big wins.
3/2/08 7:30:21PM
We should be more concerned with getting Silva more competition.
3/2/08 8:29:23PM
well when shields beats him again i don't know how much Dana is going to want him

but c'mon is this a serious question? Condit isn't even a top 10 WW imo let a lone good enough to beat GSP. i guarantee you the two people who picked Condit were either joking or ridiculously biased against GSP. GSP would KO Condit in the 1st or 2nd. not even close imo. ask this question after Condit proves he is a top 5 WW which imo he will never do.
3/2/08 10:06:19PM
Condit only stands out the same way GSP stands out. They both are only dominant in there respective companies division because of length. Without long limbs they would be just like Fitch and Diego. But there long limbs makes things easier and helps them dominate.

GSP is just better at everything so I'd have him stopping him at some point.
3/2/08 10:07:53PM
I have never seen Condit fight but i have looked up his stats and really dont think he could beat GSP. Serra is going to get crushed then GSPO will reign supreme for a long time
3/2/08 10:16:40PM
Condit's stats dont do him justice. You really need to watch his recent fights to understand how good he is. He is one of the best strikers in the division and might have of the best offense from his back in the division as well. I think he would suprise a lot of people if he jumps to the UFC.

Hes also in his early 20s so he has lots of time to improve.
3/2/08 10:56:37PM
I mean you still got to give Condit a fighting chance because anything can happen in mma, but i mean it could be a good ppv buy or something like title holder vs title holder, pending gsp beats serra
3/2/08 11:01:11PM
I'd rather see GSP vs Silva
3/3/08 8:49:28AM
Yeah im thinking that's the other hyped fight or dream fight between Fedor vs Randy and now GSP vs Silva
3/4/08 3:15:10PM
i like condit, don't get me wrong... he's a hell of a fighter; but he's never seen anything the likes of GSP. i don't think anybody has really. the guys a monster. the "fluke" that was the match with him and serra will be remedied here shortly. GSP is definately, in my mind, the greatest P4P fighter ever. sylistically there's noone that can match him. he's well rounded and versed in everything and he's strong as an ox. i mean how many people have you ever seen DOMINATE matt hughes the way he did? the answer is none my friends.... the answer is none.
3/4/08 3:23:36PM
Condit looks better than he his because he's in the WEC. St. Pierre would give him a rude awakening.
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