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4/2/09 10:56:04AM
i was very impressed with both guys last night

i think with this win martin might have broke the top 10 welterweight rankings
fight could have gone either way i did have martin winning it

so i think it would be logical that martin would be fighting on that portland card with team couture

vs?? well i doubt it would be say koscheck if kos goes out blazing in may he would wanna fight in philly home turf could be against amir but i doubt it

alot of the good fighters are taken, but if i had to go out on a limb i would say dustin hazlette he will be back from his injury by then

for carlos i hope he gets of fight night and gets on the big 16,000 plus venues on a mian card
he deserves to be here for a long time

i think the ufc will match him with some one a tad less quality than a martin

but i will say two names that might be his opponent

rory marham is one name
tamden mccrory is another
i think he will return in the fall maybe either than or portland card but i doubt it
4/2/09 11:03:58AM
When i talked about this last night i thought hazlett might be the match up for condit, but that might be a little tough coming off of a loss. I dont mind tandem....i def think it would be a nice W for the natural born killer...

as for kampman...i say the swick/saunders winner
4/2/09 11:04:03AM
Maybe Condit vs Lytle?

And, just going out on a limb here, Kampmann vs the loser of Swick / Saunders?

I kind of agree with you though, that they might give Carlos a little bit of an "easier" fight (if there is such a thing), so maybe Rollins or Cummo or something like that...

I know it's not a matchup that we'll see anytime soon, but I'd really like to see how either of these guys would matchup against Rumble Johnson
4/2/09 1:11:35PM
Kampmann vs Davis/Hardy winner.

Condit vs Pete Sell or maybe Paul Taylor
4/2/09 1:14:57PM
Kampmann vs Swick/ Sanders
Condit vs Sell or Tamdan
4/2/09 1:54:06PM

Posted by Mayhem13

Kampmann vs Davis/Hardy winner.

Condit vs Pete Sell or maybe Paul Taylor

i like that for Kampmann

Condit i'd love to see against the Barncat.
4/2/09 2:28:59PM
I really like Kampmann vs the winner of Swick Saunders, and i think Condit going up against Tamden is a great matchup!
4/2/09 2:44:06PM
I like Condit vs Lytle... Kampamn vs Hazelet also sounds interesting

I think with another win or two (depending on his opponent) Kampman breaks top ten...I think that decision could have gone either way, but either way I think he needs one more win at least over a great opponent to put him in my top ten at least.
4/2/09 4:53:56PM
I would go with Condit against-any of these guys(Kevin Burns, tamden Mccrory, yoshida maybe john hathaway

as far as Kampmann I would go with-the loser or maybe even the winner of swick and saunders

but I would like to see Kampmann against Matt Hughes or Matt Serra-both equal good names to have wins over
4/2/09 5:40:36PM
i think they should fight each other again
its not like there was anywhere near a clear winner
much as im a fan of and was supporting martin kampmann, carlos condit definitely didnt lose the fight, he just didnt win it.

that was a fight that shoulda been 5 rounds
4/2/09 8:56:47PM
Condit/Hazelett would be a sick fight!

Definately agree Saunders/Swick winner fights Kampmann would be a great idea.
4/2/09 11:01:21PM
is sell even in the ufc still??
man that guy has more lives than a cat!!
4/3/09 3:42:46PM
Kammpman vs winner Davies/Hardy.
4/3/09 4:53:19PM
I think that Hazelett vs. Kampmann would be awesome. Condit will probably get one of the lower level guys in the UFC WW division. There aren't really any chumps in this weight class, so no matter what Condit isn't going to get an "easy" fight now that he's running with the big dogs.
4/4/09 3:18:46PM
I'd love to see Kampann and Swick.
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