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8/12/09 7:47:48PM
IFL and M-1 Challenger veteran Jake Ellenberger (21-4 MMA, 0-0 UFC) is the latest addition to the UFC, and the 24-year-old will face a stiff test in his first trip to the octagon.

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8/12/09 7:52:15PM
I gotta say, this sure is disapointing! I know that the UFC probably wants Condit to get back on track but they could have done better than this. Dont get me wrong Ellenberger has skills and a bright future but not the matchup that I was hoping for.
8/12/09 8:12:21PM
what a let down, with all the good welterweights who need a fight like davis, hardy, brown, johnson, hughes, serra, the best they could come up with is this guy, so disappointed.
8/12/09 8:36:02PM
Would have liked to have see Dong Hyum Kim as the replacemant.
8/12/09 8:43:31PM
I agree with the other posters. No offense to Jake Ellenberger but I feel that if Condit is going to be matched up with anyone, they should at least have the pedigree to be worthy of a WEC title shot. I don't know if Jake does, mostly because I've never really heard of him. Jake could have legit skills that I haven't heard about, but its hard to believe when you haven't heard of the guy.
8/12/09 8:53:10PM
Stats page

He's lost to Jay Hieron and Rick "Horror" Story as far as people you may have heard of.

Looks like a guillotine or armbar in rd 2 for Condit!
8/12/09 10:28:09PM
condit by what ever he wants
8/12/09 10:55:24PM
Carlos just aint the stud in the ufc,like he was in the wec.This fight will either put him back in a title hunt,or send him to one last fight in the big leagues.
8/14/09 1:33:13AM
WTF!? Because he lost a Split Dec to Kampmann?? Dudes a stud, this is just a way to begin the rebuilding process. I think Condit will AT LEAST be a UFC Gate Keeper (a title I hold in high regards)!
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