Why Carlos Condit will be the most dangerous man Georges St. Pierre has ever fought

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2/7/12 6:19:30PM
With UFC 143 in the books, many fight fans are bemoaning the loss of the much-anticipated match-up between UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre and former Strikeforce Champion Nick Diaz, but is it because they've been blinded by the emotional build-up and the Diaz mystique?

An unbiased comparison of the resumes between the Stockton slugger and new Interim 170-pound champion, Carlos Condit, clearly shows what St. Pierre himself said in the now-infamous Diaz no-show press conference: "The Natural Born Killer" is a tougher challenge for him.

And a more deserving contender.

Condit may not have the polarizing charisma to sell as many tickets as Diaz, but realistically, he poses a much more serious threat to the throne. This is also a better fight. As a die-hard St. Pierre fan, this fight makes me nervous, whereas the Diaz fight looked like a cakewalk, comparatively.

Lets look at some key facts the Diaz bandwagon seems to overlook:

2/7/12 11:31:10PM
clearly this twat either has a hard on for Condit, a hate on for Diaz, or a combination of the two.

"With 13 KOs and 13 submissions, Condit is the most well-rounded guy GSP has fought since Penn, maybe ever, and he's much bigger and more powerful than Penn was. There's nowhere GSP can take this fight and feel safe." at bold

I am pretty sure GSP will take Condit down at will and not have to worry about his guard game as much as he would with Diaz. Diaz is a far superior grappler and has the credentials to say so. No one is safe with Diaz on his back. Standing Diaz has relentless pressure (as seen by Condit's "evading" gameplan), a granite chin, arguably the best boxing in the division, and probably has the best cardio in the UFC. Condit has a more diverse striking game and more power in his punches. I still give the edge to Diaz as the more well-rounded fighter

"Condit's only loss in the last six years was a split decision to Kampman in his UFC debut."

Diaz's only loss in the last 6 years is a stoppage due to a cut, prior to that "fight" the other night

"Condit finished his last five UFC opponents, all but Hardy are current UFC contenders, not Strikeforce wannabes."

Let's count this: DHK, Macdonald, Hardy,...wait that is only 3! someone cant do a 5 second search on fight finder.
Paul Daley was 1 win away from being in a title fight. BJ Penn was a UFC contender until Diaz beat him up like no one ever did before. other than that, yes it is no secret the SF WW division isnt stacked

"Diaz has only one meaningful win over UFC-level talent. And we all know how inconsistent Penn is, especially at anything over 155-pounds. Before that, Diaz's biggest win was over Robbie Lawler EIGHT YEARS AGO!"

Daley is/was UFC level talent. Penn just scored a draw vs Fitch the fight before...you know the #2 WW in the world? Noons can very well hold his own in the UFC.

"Diaz has NEVER beaten a serious wrestler or takedown artist. In his previous UFC stint, he lost to Karo Parisyan, Sean Sherk, and Diego Sanchez. He hasn't faced a serious wrestler since."

that was how long ago? 2006? yeah no fighter ever improves in 6 years - they have the exact same skill set

"Condit finished Dong Hyun Kim and Rory MacDonald, both undefeated before and since they lost to Carlos. He also finished Jake Ellenberger who hasn't lost in four years -- except to Condit. That's three contenders who haven't lost a fight in the UFC to anyone but "The Natural Born Killer."

a 20 year old Rory was absolutely kicking Condit's ass before he started to gas and had the fight stopped early. DHK never faced anyone with TDD or punching power. I still fail to see where Condit finished Ellenberger
2/9/12 9:29:54PM
I don't know about that. Gsp will beat condit
I think for me thiago alves was a scary bet vs gsp
Coming off the win streak. He had momentum and gsp disnt even break a.sweat vs alves
2/9/12 10:52:07PM
no but he almost broke his groin
2/11/12 4:45:16AM
St. Pierre will rip Condit apart

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