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7/10/09 3:55:27PM
Final WEC welterweight champion Carlos Condit will look to bounce back from his UFC debut loss when he squares off against Chris Lytle at UFC Fight Night 19 on Sept. 16 in Oklahoma City, Ariel Helwani of FanHouse has learned.

Condit (22-5) is coming off a split-decision loss on the scorecards in his Octagon debut to Martin Kampmann at UFC Fight Night 18 in April, ending an eight-fight win streak that the Albuquerque native had compiled the last three years with the Pancrase and WEC organizations.For his UFC debut, Condit left longtime trainer Tom Vaughn at FIT NHB in Albuquerque for Arizona Combat Sports, a move that allows him to train alongside the likes of UFC competitors Ryan Bader and C.B. Dollaway.

7/10/09 4:06:57PM
Oh wow. I am so happy. This is going to be amazing!
7/10/09 4:08:42PM
good fight i think carlos takes it by decision
7/10/09 4:11:42PM
OMG, that is one hell of a matchup, and for once i think we are going to get to see lytles mat skills. i dont think they are at condits level, but this one is going to be all action standing or otherwise.
7/10/09 4:16:54PM
I think Condit's training at AZCS is really going to be amazing for him especially in this fight. His wrestling is going to be really good in this fight I have a feeling and his Jits is really really good on top of that so I see him taking this fight by decision.

Im just really happy we are getten it for free,
7/10/09 5:59:17PM
Condit will probably win this, and may even put Chris away...which isn't easy.

But I am sure Lytle will make this a competitive and exciting fight...because as Mr. Joseph Rogan once said: This man has never been in a boring fight!
7/10/09 6:05:28PM
I have to post on this thread again-

This fight is the epic and almost always finisher vs. the "never gets finished" guy. ******* awesome match making. Awesome.

7/10/09 6:05:49PM
All out war this one's gonna be
7/10/09 6:31:01PM
This Fight Night is going to be insane.

Anyone else think that this fight should be the main event?

I like lytle in this fight, but I do have a concern with him punching himself out and then condit taking advantage of that.
7/10/09 6:37:39PM
there is no doubt in my mind that this fight will be exciting but i was looking forward to condit fighting someone a little higher on the food chain

but i guess coming off a loss and lytle coming off a win made this fight happen
7/10/09 6:50:32PM
Wow this is going to be a WAR.

I don't know who I'll cheer for though... Lytle won me over after TUF9, but Condit really only loses to good fighters!
7/10/09 8:08:51PM
Great Fight!!!
7/10/09 8:25:08PM
this fight night has a ton of main card fights on it already, hope its a 3 hour broadcast
7/11/09 3:20:30AM
I like both guys a lot, but if neither gets the finish, Condit has the ability of being very comfortable and winning from his back. I could see this being a potential "bad" decision unfortunately because we know the way judges see those type of fights. Going to be a great fight.
7/11/09 2:41:49PM
7/12/09 5:38:53PM
i was praying that a 3rd member of arizona combat would be on the oct card with cain and bader
damm i wanted to see condit fight
anyways i like the match up could be fight of the night or year potential
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