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9/22/10 4:26:48PM
In Norway. Details via CP:

Well, it looks like we won't get to see the freak show fight of the year we were all looking forward to as Vyacheslav Datsik's time on the lam has come to an unceremonious and uneventful end.

The Nazi-Russian MMA fighter who has been behind bars since 2007 for uttering death threats and a string of armed cell phone store robberies, and who escaped from a St. Petersberg, Russia mental hospital nearly a month ago by tearing through a chain link fence with his bare hands, has been arrested in Norway.

Datsik proved his extremist pals who said he would never be caught alive wrong yesterday when he turned himself into Norway's Police Immigration Unit in Oslo and surrendered a loaded handgun, according to a report.

"I can confirm that he handed over a gun that had bullets. We decided to arrest him, "said information chief Roar Hanssen.

The case was handed over to the Greenland police, but because he was armed and the fact that others were involved in harboring a dangerous criminal like Datsik, who figured that Norwegian authorities would provide him with asylum from extradition back to Russia, it was transferred to the Oslo organized crime unit.

"We have weapons seizures and other seizures that make this issue a high priority. We have arrested three persons will be made for remand prison, "says section leader Einar Aas told

The 33-year-old, who was the first of many men to knock out Andrei Arlovski in the former UFC champion's MMA debut, is a prominent member of the neo-Nazi organization, "Slavic Union" who opened up shop in Oslo earlier this year after Russia declared the hate group an unlawful organization. Datsik, who is know to his fellow Slavic Union brethren as "Red Tarzan" told police in broken English when he turned himself in wearing a shirt with a swastika and Odin's hammer, "I am not a nationalist. I am a racist."

I can't wait for this movie. Maybe they can get Seth Rogan to play him and turn it into a romantic comedy.[?QUOTE]
Yawn...just another day...
9/22/10 11:12:28PM
My response to Datsik's comments below!
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