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9/2/07 4:46:10PM
what do you think?

monday: sprints
Weds: Distance(no more thatn 3 miles)
Fri: mix of both

if i lift 3x a week and run 3x should li fit and run on the same day? or on dif days?

9/2/07 5:05:27PM
distance 3 miles or less? That was my warm up for a long time. Look at the running thread in this section (a couple threads down) for mine and others' opinions on running.

Personally I used to lift and run on the same day so it isn't all that bad. I generally don't do it any more because of time restrictions and I also don't do weights any more either.

The only restriction that I have on my routine is that I don't do ab workouts or plyo (legs) on the same days as do martial arts training. I find that my core is so tired that I am only risking injury.

I hope this helps.
9/2/07 5:11:01PM
I think that you can run and lift the same days because your distance run is very low.

you can run every morning before breakfast with no problem, and you will be able to lift in the afternoon or evening easely.

personaly, i was doing montain biking in very tuff terrain , world cup standard, and i was doing like 7 days in a row for 1h 45 min. to 2h.with the 8th day off only .

i can tell you that your legs and cardio has to improve fast at this pace !!!

good training.

9/2/07 5:16:38PM
ha, i never JOG more than 1/4 mile.. its all bout sprints for me
9/2/07 11:10:28PM
2 jdubs i hear distance is a waste if its over 3 miles
9/3/07 6:13:06AM
if you want to look like a skinny bjj guy have at it, im currently triying to put weight on and i need explosiveness for my sport... the furthest i will run is a 200 sprint but mostly 40's and 30's.. it all depends on your sport and goals
9/3/07 12:46:36PM
I like to combine sprinting into a normal distance style run. I'll run a mile, then do sprints for another mile, and repeat x2. I do this on a track so this is how it works:

4 Lap Jog/Run (1 mile)
4 Lap Sprint(sprint on the straight aways, slow jog on the curves to recover)
4 Lap Jog
4 Lap Agilities(tapeokas, kareokas, etc. on the straight aways, slow jog on curves)

IMO, distance running is good for you to an extent, but nothing takes more out of you than doing all out sprints. helps to simulate the different paces in a fight.
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