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7/26/09 4:28:25PM
why does UFC order some of their cards the way they do?

sometimes the pre-main event will be like the 2nd fight, and like at UFC 100 Lesnar Vs Mir was before Fitch Vs Thiago....just dosent make sense to me i like all the fights to build up in order from least-best
7/26/09 4:32:44PM
Fitch/Thiago was the swing-bout...they ran out of time, so they had to push it to the end to ensure the main event was on time.
7/26/09 4:42:12PM
The order sometimes changes last-minute from what some sites list, part of that is they don't always anticipate every fight going to a decision. Plus they can't go over their 3 hours on PPV, the cable/satellite providers may cut off events before it's over if they do.
7/26/09 5:28:37PM
Fitch vs Thiago went last because they had to assume that both championship fights could go for 5 rounds. One of them did, and one of them didn't.

Luckily for us, we were still able to see Fitch vs Thiago (and it went the distance)

Sometimes they do order it weird, but hey, thems the breaks
7/26/09 8:28:43PM
not likely that fitch bout was a swing bout
i was at weigh ins fitch bout should have been first on card, i don't know what happened but after gsp fight buffer annouced to the audience at the fights that the lesnar vs mir fight would be next with fitch being last. it happens alot where the weigh ins dictate the order of the fights and yes some do jump out of sequence like the mirko fight for example in june
7/26/09 8:34:58PM
Does it really matter what order the fights are? Just asking because I watch the whole event so I really don't care.

However, with regards to the question, it might have something to do with whether or not there are two title fights on the card.
7/28/09 4:16:36PM
Its not very often you get a bout after the main event in the UFC. The last time I remember iy happening was when Kenny Florian beat Alvin Robinson. Not sure which event. But other then that and the Fitch and Thiago fight cant remember another UFc event were this happened.
7/28/09 5:30:11PM
UFC learnt this lesson at UFC 33 when they had 3 title fights and nearly all fights including all 3 title fights went to a decision the PPV broadcast cut out during the main event Tito vs matyushenko
7/28/09 7:27:42PM
sometimes thing happen with fighters that make them change it last min, for instance, a fighter gets stuck and ends up late has little warm up time etc, to be fair they may switch with someone who is there and warmed/warming, also they have to have a prefight testing type things, a few hours before, they check BP, HR, all kinds of things, and often someones is off and they need time to fix it or fight would be canceled.

There are a lot of things that happen, thats just a couple reasons, but remember fight cards subject to change ;p!!!!.
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