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12/2/08 1:19:39AM
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) today confirmed several bouts for its first-ever event in Dublin, Ireland, on January 17, 2009.

UFC 93: “Henderson vs. Franklin,” which will take place at The O2, features the highly anticipated light heavyweight clash between former UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin and former Pride FC dual welterweight and middleweight champion Dan Henderson.

In the co main event of the pay-per-view (PPV) event, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua will look to once again begin establishing himself as the top 205-pound fighter in the world when he rematches the most recent UFC Hall of Fame inductee, former UFC heavyweight champion and 2000 Pride FC Open Weight Champion, Mark Coleman.

Here is the most recent official card:

Main event:

205 lbs.: Rich Franklin (24-3) vs. Dan Henderson (23-7)

Main card (Televised):

205 lbs.: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (16-3) vs. Mark Coleman (15-8)
185 lbs.: Denis Kang (31-10-1) vs. Alan Belcher (13-5)
205 lbs.: Andre Gusmao (5-1) vs. Antonio Mendes (15–3)
155 lbs.: Nate Mohr (8-5) vs. Dennis Siver (12-6)

Under card (May not be broadcast):

170 lbs.: Marcus Davis (15–4) vs. Chris Lytle (26-16–5)
185 lbs.: Rousimar Palhares (8-2) vs. Jeremy Horn (80-18-5)
205 lbs.: Ivan Serati (10-2) vs. Tomasz Drwal (14-2)
170 lbs.: Thomas Egan (3-0) vs. John Hathaway (9-0)

12/2/08 1:39:07AM
Rich better bring his chin strap, Coleman better bring his track shoes, and Shogun better not bring another bumb wheel and we will be treated to a great card.
12/2/08 1:41:40AM
Marcus davis on the undercard...
12/2/08 1:55:16AM
Davis/Lytle isn't on the televised portion?!?! Are you freaking kidding me? Not a very strong PPV card...
12/2/08 2:06:09AM
I am really pissed that hendo/rich is a 205 fight, they are 185 fighters, retarded.
12/2/08 2:35:13AM
Main card (Televised):

205 lbs.: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (16-3) vs. Mark Coleman (15-8)
185 lbs.: Denis Kang (31-10-1) vs. Alan Belcher (13-5)
205 lbs.: Ivan Serati (10-2) vs. Tomasz Drwal (14-2)
170 lbs.: Marcus Davis (15–4) vs. Chris Lytle (26-16–5)

that should be it.
12/2/08 2:37:03AM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

Marcus davis on the undercard...

We'll see that fight regardless IMHO.
12/2/08 3:12:42AM
Marcus Davis vs Chris Lytle
Rousamir Palhares vs. Jeremy Horn

both those fights should be on the PPV.
12/2/08 4:33:01AM
that's a horrible move, Lytle and Davis are very popular and well liked, and always entertaining, WHY THE F**K WOULD SIVER AND MOHR BE ON THE MAIN CARD WHEN THEY BOTH LOST THEIR LAST UFC FIGHTS, HELL EACH GUY HAS ONLY WON ONCE IN THE UFC!!!!!! I hope it's a mistake that it's listed as such.
12/2/08 8:28:22AM
please let them move the lytle/davis fight. i was looking forward to that one
12/2/08 8:32:44AM

Posted by cmill21

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

Marcus davis on the undercard...

We'll see that fight regardless IMHO.

That fight will surely be shifted to the main card and with a quick KO by Shogun we might get to see Palhares aswell
12/2/08 8:46:55AM
I'm pretty confident when all is said and done Marcus Davis vs Chris Lytle will make the main card, and Nate Mohr vs Dennis Siver will be pushed back.

It seems like it must be an oversight because Mohr vs Siver and Mendes vs Gusmao are fights that would have a hard time making the main card of a fight night, let alone trump Lytle vs Davis. Rousimar vs Horn seems like another fight that would have made the main card...the bottom two fights on the main card just seem like someone fell asleep at the wheel.

Another prediction...this will end up on Spike. As time coninues to go by it seems more likely that 93 will be a PPV, but there are two factors working against a PPV. It's on tape delay, and it's a weak card. I think logic will win out in the end and Spike will find a way to pay for this card.

12/2/08 9:04:10AM
i was definatly looking forward to the chris lytle marcus davis fight.
Hope to see it on the main card cause alot of times i dont get to see the undercard fights.
12/2/08 10:21:11AM
The main card is as follows:
franklin hendo
rua coleman
kang belcher
davis lytle
horn palharres


I think this might stay on ppv, but that sucks. Its going to be tape delay and its a weak card for a ppv, great card if on spike tho. And with another at the end of the month 2 weeks later, i had to hope for spike. Hopefully something will change.
12/2/08 10:36:26AM
Im going!!!
12/2/08 10:58:04AM
Now that's better. Just the way I thought the card would end up. I would like to see Mendes fight again as he looked really good against Thiago for the first minute ot two until t hit the ground and he was outclassed.

It is a weak card, but I have to say I am pretty thrilled to see Kang vs Belcher, which is probably the best opponent for Kang to display his reparte of skills and it should be pretty competetive as well. I expect one of Anderson Silva's last fights to be up against this guy.

Always interested in watchng Palhares fight. Once the fight hits the ground, his entire body just seems to be one big vice grip. I will be shocked if Horn can last more than a couple minutes on the ground. No disrespect to Horn, he's a fantastic grappler, but I think Palhares is something special.

Of course who doesn't want to see Franklin vs Hendo. Only way I think Hendo can win is by ground control, or a big right hand. Rich is just the more complete striker, and I think his underrated jiujitsu will be on full display.
12/2/08 11:11:32AM

Posted by Rampage200

Im going!!!

I just saw this guy somewhere else with only good things to say, I am calling BS this guy is a PR rep
12/2/08 12:48:32PM

Posted by jiujitsufreak74

Marcus davis on the undercard...

I agree WTF?????? Mohr and Siver televised no way that just sucks
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