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1/7/10 7:32:34PM
Months ago it would have been easier for a card like this to be made But After all the injuries and fighters leaving for different reasons has made the UFC look like its going through a hard time. Myself has still been entertained even without the events having a lot of star power. I think its a perfect oppurtunity for the UFC to let the world see what the new talent has to offer. But the card i wish could be made would offer a lot of star power, ton of pay per view buys, feuds, and a high caliber fight in each weight class. So hear it is

Brock Lesnar v.s. Shane Carwin
Quinton " Rampage" Jackson v.s. Rashad Evans
Dan Henderson v.s. Nate Marquardt
Josh Koscheck v.s. Dan Hardy
Deigo Sanchez v.s.Kenny Florian
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