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5/27/10 7:50:40PM
Hey I have some questions about Carbs, today for example I eat for breakfast a bowl of fruit and two pieces of toast with peanut butter on them, then for lunch I had two hotdogs on two pieces of bread, and for supper I eat a grilled chicken sub. Now I know that I have to eliminate some of the bread that I have been eating but I am curious as to how much carbs I should be intaking as I'm trying to drop from 222lbs to 205 in 5 weeks, and am curious how carbs would affect me.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks
5/27/10 10:43:41PM
High fiber, carbs in the enriched stuff (ie white bread) try to be real light on carbs at lunch. Eat fruit whenever you like veggies too. Protein throughout the day, but lite the evening eat lite and have an hour or two to digest before you sleep.
5/27/10 10:50:12PM
I usually cut my carbs out before 7pm....drink lots of water up until bed....beef protein drink before bed is suffice as well...wake up lean and ready for some morning carbs
5/27/10 11:04:24PM
IMO, there are too many unknown factors for someone to give you an exact number for your carb intake. Though, If you feel you need to cut back on your carbs, I'll try to give you a few simple things to do that can make an impact.

1. Avoid sweets -- since you seem to be serious about the weight loss, I'm assuming this is already obvious. Fruit is always a better option when you are craving something sweet.

2. Avoid high-calorie beverages -- this is the one that most people seem to overlook. If you drink only non-calorie or very low calorie drinks, you'll save a few hundred calories every single day. Don't be fooled by fruit don't need to avoid them completely, but limit them and be aware that many brands add sugar to the mix. Pop gets a bad rap...but remember that energy drinks and coffee drinks are also very high in sugar.

3. Avoid white breads/rice -- while you may not see much of a difference in the carbs listed on the bag/package, white bread has fiber and other nutrients stripped from it, making it a less nutritious option.

4. Compare your options -- when you're grocery shopping, examine your options, while you still have a choice...once your home, it's too late. Whether it's comparing different types of bread to sub buns, flat bread, or sandwich wrap, do the math.

Those are a few things off the top of my head...hopefully there's something there that you hadn't considered and can help. Something else to remember is that PB has some benefits in small doses, but is high in fat and has unneeded sugars.
5/28/10 6:07:45PM
i train 2x's a day. i eat a diet of 60% carbs 30% protein and 10% fats. i eat starchy carbs first thing in the morning like shredded wheat and oatmeal as well as right after my workout. the rest of the day i eat fibrous carbs like veggies. if you can, try to eat more often. instead of 3 meals a day try to eat at least 6 small meals. it will increase your metabolism and you'll burn a ton of fat, you'll have lots of energy, and you'll notice lots of gains in your training as well as in the gym. i run triathlons, i fight, and I've even done some body building competitions using this diet method. a huge part of dieting will be just eating healthy. and watch your sugar intake as well.