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7/7/10 2:27:30PM
Hey I have been trying to cut down some weight my goal weight is 190lbs, im currently 215lbs, ive lost 10lbs however with it being summer im having a bit of trouble sticking too it(with all the burgers, hot dogs etc.) so I was looking up some different types of diets and I was wondering what you guys thought is a better diet, a low carb diet, or low fat diet. Im looking to get rid of the flab on my stomach and gain a bit of muscle so any tips would be appreciated.

7/7/10 6:11:49PM
Low calorie burn more then you put in it works every time.
7/7/10 11:24:22PM
Everytime you're about to eat, Ask yourself if your stomache is hurting.

If it isnt, you're not hungry.

Now i know this wont work for everyone because of metabolism issues and such, but i did this diet for 6 months and i lost 40 pounds. I highly recomend it.
7/8/10 12:36:31AM
Here's the deal on this one-

Fat is fat when it enters your system and there's no changing that. You have to burn through a lot of calories to burn fat since it is what it is when it enters your system. There are different kinds of fats and each one carries with it different forms of cholesterol that are bad for your body and even some that are good for your body. HDL vs. LDL cholesterol is what I'm talking about. Look them up. Chances are if you're mostly eating burgers and such then you're eating LDL products not HDL products (HDL is good cholesterol- think H=Happy) HDL can be found in things like Walnuts, dark green vegetables, and fish fats. The things you're most likely neglecting in your diet. (as are most people)

Carbs can be good and bad. If you're running a marathon you're going to want to load up on carbs. Because once your body burns off sugars (the first form of energy used in your body) it's going to start using carbs to burn energy. (Then fat after carbs) If you're working out a lot in the process of trying to lose weight then you may want to consider keeping some carb load in your diet just based on the fact that you're going to need it for energy. Keep in mind, though- the more carbs you have in your system the longer it takes to burn through them and into the fat zone.

Bottom line is this- You need to cut as much unhealthy fat from your diet in any way possible, although you do want to keep eating some. Just remember- Unsaturated fats are good (come from plants and organic substances such as vegetables) saturated fats are bad, but still usable (come from animal products) and trans fats are an absolute no-no (come from packaged synthetic food with lots of shelf-life I.E. twinkies, ho ho's, ding dongs, etc... although not at all limited to these which are "no duh" unhealthy foods) Learn what those confusing words on labels mean and pay attention to the bad ones. Sugar, sodium, trans fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol are the things you need to stay away from.

However, that being said you also need to watch your carb load because carbs turn into fats in your body if they're not burned through exercise. Carbs are basically just slow burning sugars.

One more bottom line (LOL) - Just watch your overall calorie intake. How big a guy are you? If you're not huge (with lots of muscle) then you don't need to be taking in any more than 3000 calories a day. Honestly, you don't need to be taking in more than 2,500 calories a day if you're trying to lose weight. Eat 2,000 calories a day, exercise (THAT MEANS DO CARDIO AND LOTS OF IT!!!), eat healthy foods, and the weight will drop off like nobody's business.

Oatmeal and nuts with fruits in the morning followed by a workout (to burn sugars from fruits)

Sandwich with no mayo or mustard but light mayo or mustard if you have to and a small slice of cheese for lunch. Preferably turkey since it is a low fat protein.

Fish or chicken for dinner with green veggies and don't load up the damn salt on the protein!

^^ It really is just as simple as that. If you want to snack then eat a banana. No chips, but if you want something snack-like then eat a low fat, low sodium pretzel or a faceful of unseasoned almonds. Simple as that.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and stay the F away from canned drinks. Beer or soda. I know, the beer one hurts.

7/8/10 12:45:18AM
I know it sounds mean of me to put the post like that, but let me explain why real fast. I also want to note that I'm directing this to people who are interested in dieting in general, so it's not all aimed at you since you seem proactive and genuinely interested in giving this diet thing a try-

99% of people who say they want to diet don't take it serious. It is, honest to God, one of the most simple things you can possibly do. All you have to do is be committed. Buy groceries every 2 or 3 days and buy fresh things that look green and/or gross. Don't buy stuff that comes in a box because chances are it has LDL and sodium out the whazoo. Matter of fact- don't buy anything that has been pre-seasoned for you or has a seasoning packet.

BREAKFAST- Oranges, strawberries, etc are all really tasty believe it or not. You'd be surprised what a scoop of oatmeal (1 cup) with some chopped up strawberries and blueberries can taste like. It's delicious.

LUNCH- Turkey and swiss sandwiches on wheat? Who doesn't love those? Throw some green leaf lettuce and cucumbers on top of it and bam you've got yourself a hell of a lunch that's tasty to boot.

DINNER- Mahi with steamed broccoli and some pasta noodles sauteed in olive oil doesn't sound good? How about a lean pork filet on rice mixed with broccoli and some creamy mushroom soup? Sounds pretty tasty to me.

Honestly the worst part is doing cardio in the gym. I'm a bit crazy, so when I run 2 or 3 miles I'm smiling and I enjoy it, but if you do it long enough you'll start smiling while the sweat (and pounds) are dropping off of you like crazy too. All you have to do is be committed and learn to love it.
7/8/10 2:36:25AM
Some really great advice by Jackelope. I agree with him on everything, with the exception of one thing....mustard. Mustard is the bomb. Forget honey mustard or any specialty mustards. Plain yellow mustard is one of the best things to supplement food with flavor efficiently. There's zero calories and only a small amount of sodium considering the flavor it delivers. By purchasing fresher foods, you'll more than make up for the little sodium you'll be ingesting. If there's one condiment in your fridge, make it mustard.

And to add onto to what Jackelope eluded to, but maybe didn't say it exactly in these words...make your diet sustainable. For example, the adkins diet, along with many other popular diets, are temporary. If it's not a diet you could do forever, it's not worth doing. When people refer to yo-yo diets, it's because they aren't sustainable. When you can no longer follow the diet, you go back to the bad eating habits that you were accustomed to and gain the weight back...not to mention that many of those diets are hard on the body, which puts your body into survival mode and starts conserving calories for a later date (aka storing fat). Just eat's sustainable, better for your health, and won't break you mentally like eliminating key elements of your diet will.

I personally eat a low fat and moderate carb diet. I also stopped using table salt at a very young age. Whatever you don't want to put in your body, don't put in your cupboards. It doesn't get much simpler than that. I splurge on holidays or when I'm on vacation, but other than that, I've sustained that diet without any problems for several years now.
7/8/10 3:15:24AM

Posted by grappler0000

Some really great advice by Jackelope. I agree with him on everything, with the exception of one thing....mustard. Mustard is the bomb.

And to add onto to what Jackelope eluded to, but maybe didn't say it exactly in these words...make your diet sustainable. For example, the adkins diet, along with many other popular diets, are temporary. If it's not a diet you could do forever, it's not worth doing.

I will admit that mustard is my "vice" as well. Although I don't consider it to be too terrible of one. And I actually eat spicy mustard most of the time. Oh, and pickles raise my sodium count, too.. but damn sandwiches are soooo good with them!

The second point you make is extremely important. Fad diets are just that- fads. You'll be on them and off of them in no time. You just gotta make your diet sustainable for the long run just like grappler said.

One more thing- Garlic is really good for you. Another meal you can do that I love to do all of the time is to make boiled garlic chicken with a bit of lemon juice on top of a green leaf salad with carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a little bit of cheese if I'm feeling like a fatty. Sprinkle some low fat italian or french dressing (best tasting fat frees) on it and it's a great meal. Cheap, too... if you know how to buy your ingredients.

Also- sub mayo or miracle whip on tuna fish with lemon juice and it's pretty tasty and healthy.
8/24/10 5:24:28AM
Actually you should be eating complex carbs. If you dont eat them you will have ZERO energy. Any diet would work if your reducing the calories your consuming. So watch your calories. If you want to eat a burger just work it in your calorie deficit for that day. Remember fats have 9 calories per gram where carbs and proteins have 4 calories per gram thats why high fat foods have lots of calories. Also do effective cardio like walking/jogging. Maybe add a weight training program and if you do make sure you do effective weight training. Use free weights and lift heavy. Whats heavy for you and whats heavy for me might be different but it doesnt matter as long as your lifting whats heavy for you.
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