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11/5/07 2:22:28AM
All you need to do is just write a caption for the picture below.. Make it hilarious, because the better you caption, the more props you get.. (AND THAT MEANS GIVING PROPS.)

"The Jeremy London look-a-like stares intently, contemplating having a Shamwich."
11/5/07 8:11:41AM
Come on Ken, Frank said he could curl 8 times your body have to do at least 1.
11/5/07 4:18:02PM
Show me your mean face.... GRRRRR!
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11/5/07 4:19:00PM
Take a deep breath Ken. You're gonna feel a slight pinch.
11/5/07 4:59:53PM
"Ooooo No hands"
11/5/07 5:03:49PM
"Take It Like A MAN!!!!"

11/5/07 5:36:31PM
"Damn Ken, put your pants back on! It's not going to get any longer by stretching it like that".
11/5/07 6:55:25PM
...I told you constipation was one of the side effects
11/5/07 7:20:48PM
you all took all the good ones...
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11/6/07 1:18:22AM
Ken is feeling quite comortable while his nutrionist watches him takeing a deuce
11/6/07 10:10:33AM
Random guy: whos my bitch
Ken : TITO!
Random guy: what?
Ken: well this feels like when Tito raped me 3 times.
11/6/07 10:35:58AM
"I'm in the ZONE!!!"
"Dude, that was like 10 years ago"
11/6/07 11:49:08PM
Ken: What kind of supplemment is THIS!
Dude: All natural Testosterone, now shut up bitch!
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11/10/07 12:26:20AM
Ken: it weighs to much, I can't take it anymore!!!
other guy: haha Thats what she said!
11/10/07 1:42:23AM

As Anderson finishes the fight he looks to the corner, and sees a woman from Ed McMahon's Publisher's Clearing House, with the big check. Upon seeing this, Anderson's only thought process told him to jump into the air and squeal like a girl. It was later found out that the check was meant to go to the other Anderson Silva. This makes Anderson quite upset, and he proceeds to knockout Rich Franklin for no other reason than he can. Anytime.. Anywhere..
11/11/07 2:29:08PM
KEN:Lets have it
Other dude:ok
Ken:hurry up
Other dude:ok hold on
Ken:ok your really pissing me off
Other dude:hold on let me find it first
11/11/07 3:46:02PM

Anderson Silva reacting to seeing what Butter Bean keeps under his love handles for the first time.
11/11/07 7:25:16PM
Week old bacon strips? Funny caption though. I'd be the same way if I ever saw Butterbean.
11/11/07 7:47:30PM
Caption this.

and this

and this
<img src="
dont forget
11/11/07 9:21:54PM

Ben Rothwell shows his displeasure for the new Star Wars Trilogy, which was an unwanted Skull F*ck. Of course, eye for an eye, Ben acts out his own version of F*cking up a Skull.

Edit: (Yeah, mine sucked, but this one was hard..)

This is the autographed promo picture for Jean Claude's new Martial Arts/Musical/Ballet, "Kung Fu Nights", which is now showing on Broadway. Other stars include Danny DeVito as "The Kung Fu Master", Star Jones as Jean Claude's love interest, and Richard Simmons as the "Reigning Kung Fu Champion." Due to not being in demand, this is a one night only event. It's subtitled, "Jean Claude's Last Dance" aka End of his career.

When Rampage proceeded to whip out his thirty two inch johnson, and scream, "I'm going to **** you up, then rape your ass!", Matt Lindland could only freeze where he was, with his face displaying his fear.

Edit: (I changed the words around in the lindland one.)
11/12/07 5:03:08PM

Gollum stares with fear as the black knight proceeds to beat his schizophrenic delusions out of him

Picture of Ben Rothwell (left) killing one of many storm troopers during his hour long tirade at COMICON. When questioned Ben said, "those guys had it coming, they are always mocking me with their cool outfits and awesome rifles...I want a cool outfit too ya'know"

(I was going for a newspaper article theme w/ the second one)

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