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7/23/11 12:37:17PM
I had low expectations for the movie, but it exceeded them, and rises to meet the standard set by Iron Man. As Roger Ebert wrote in his review, "here is a real movie, not a noisy assembly of incomprehensible special effects."

Chris Evans was one of the reasons I had low expectations, and he turned out to be pretty good. The supporting cast is excellent throughout. The mix of comic-book cheese and WWII-movie action is spot on, and the comic-book version of the 1940s is also great. I saw it in 2D. I've read that the 3D was poor.

I give it 4 stars out of 5.

I spotted four "Easter Eggs" that I haven't seen mentioned in other lists of EEs for the movie. I'm not sure how to disguise text on this forum, so I'll just put them down below...


1. When the Red Skull finds The Tesseract (a.k.a. The Cosmic Cube), he criticizes Hitler for wasting his time "searching for trinkets in the desert." Director Joe Johnston won an Academy Award as Art Director for Raiders of the Lost Ark.

2. Among the objects on display at the 1943 Stark Expo, standing inside a glass display case, is the original Human Torch (Chris Evans played the second Human Torch in The Fantastic Four). Fans of the comics know that the android was a member of The Invaders, and goes on to become The Vision, a member of The Avengers.

3. I think he may have only been named in the credits, but the Englishman among The Howling Commandos (also never explicitly named as such, I don't think) is James Montgomery Fallsworth, a.k.a. Union Jack, also a member of The Invaders.

4. During a battle in the snow-swept Alps, Bucky Barnes assists Cap with a shot from a sniper rifle. In the comics, Bucky later becomes the super-assassin The Winter Soldier.
7/23/11 4:28:44PM
I agree with you I loved the movie. I would say it is my 2nd favorite super hero movie since I am not a big fan of Iron Man.
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