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10/4/13 9:52:58PM

PDG: Out of all the great battles you have had with some of the biggest names in the sport, what have been your favorite and why?

Caol Uno: All of my fights are memorable, and they all meant something to me. But if I had to pick a fight, it would be my second fight against BJ Penn (Draw at UFC 41). It was very memorable for me.

PDG: You are thirty-eight years of age. Some consider this be an older age for fighters. Do you believe you are still at an age to make another run for a title?

Caol Uno: I’m not going to say I can take the title, but my challenge is to get back into the UFC for the 3rd time, at this age.

Caol Uno – Ready for Vale Tudo Japan and Looking for a UFC Return

If he wins this weekend that is three in a row including a win over Anthony Avila who was 11-1 when Uno beat him.
10/4/13 10:45:13PM
If it were up to me I'd invite him back and give him some fun matchups. Uno is a class act.
10/4/13 11:36:45PM
I'd be all for seeing Uno back in the UFC at FW if he can win his upcoming fight.
10/5/13 12:14:48AM
Doubt UFC brings him back
They want younger guys to get a chance
10/5/13 1:15:36AM
JMMA legend vs the Prodigy after a loss to Edgar sounds about right to me.
10/5/13 1:35:18AM
damn I havent seen nwowolfpack's av in forever
10/5/13 7:14:40AM
I'd like to see Uno back in the UFC at featherweight also.
10/5/13 1:32:30PM
He won his fight. Other than looking shaky for the first 1 minute, Uno picked it up and looked great via 1st round submission
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