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POLL: Are you interested in this fight?
Hell yeah! 44% (27)
Should be pretty good 39% (24)
It does nothing for me 8% (5)
Should be a horrible fight 3% (2)
Only if Don King is promoting it 5% (3)
2/17/09 10:48:30AM and most other note-worthy mma sites have reported rumours of this fight and I was just wondering what everyone thought of this match-up.

I personally am really excited to see this fight. I always liked Uno back in the day when he was in the ufc, and then seeing him in the Dream LW GP I remembered why. The guy always puts on great fights. I couldn't think of a better opponent for his first fight back in the ufc either. Fisher is always exciting too and has great stand up. I think this one has the potential to be a great fight.
2/17/09 6:25:23PM
great to see him back after 5 years tough fight though it should be on the main card for sure
2/17/09 6:54:07PM
Im glad to see Uno back in the ufc, but i think this is a bad match-up for him. Fisher is really sharp on his feet and should decisively win the stand-up.
I think Uno will shine in the ufc once they pair him up with a wrestler who likes to keep the fight on the ground.
2/17/09 8:13:45PM
great fight fisher by ud
2/17/09 8:26:58PM
this is going to be a good ass excited to see how spencer decides to fight him...really excited to see uno back in the ufc
2/17/09 10:23:30PM
the king by brutal ko in rd 3
2/17/09 10:27:49PM

Posted by cmb19932

the king by brutal ko in rd 3

The King is too damn slick for Uno...he takes this one late in the fight.
2/18/09 12:45:26AM
As soona s I saw this thread I was like wow, this is notsalgia for me go Caol
2/18/09 8:40:27AM
im highly excited about this fight.
2/18/09 10:35:02AM
I think this fight could go either way. I think Uno will win by UD.
2/18/09 9:54:26PM
if it does happen i say fisher buy tko or uno sub
2/19/09 4:12:59AM
uno will sub after being dominated in the 1st round by spencer in the standup
watch caol's spar tapes!!!
2/19/09 2:32:01PM
Fisher all the way, baby!
2/19/09 5:37:23PM
thats awsome that caol uno is coming back. this should be interesting
2/19/09 8:56:55PM
Should be a great scrap. Both fighters bring it and I think it could really go either way.
2/19/09 9:12:41PM
Not a big Fisher fan but I think his stand up is way to sharp for Uno.
2/19/09 9:15:09PM
Glad to see Uno back in the UFC. Hopefully he can give them some better footage of himself. I am tired of seeing BJ Ko him. Actuaslly this should be a good fight. Fisher UD
2/28/09 11:33:47AM

Posted by mrkennedy

great fight fisher by ud

I agree. Both should put on a great fight, but I think Spencer will utilize his quick striking and jj skills to grind out a decision here.
2/28/09 2:18:42PM
My early pick is Fisher, but I would be utterly unshocked if Uno wins this fight. Uno's the lightweight version of Randy Couture: the underdog with the big heart.
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