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4/19/09 11:48:01AM
Everyone's so busy talking about the bad things on this card- so let's talk about the good.

Cantwell vs. Cane was an incredible kickboxing war. I am so impressed with Cantwell even in defeat. He was taking a huge step up in competition here and he rose to the occasion in what I believe was one of the best MMA kickboxing wars I've ever seen as a result. I am simply amazed at how hard of a straight puncher Cane is, and on that same note I am simply amazed at the fluidity of some of Cantwell's kicks. He has really good lateral movement at the end of combinations to finish with kicks. Cantwell also showed quite the ability to adapt his striking mid-fight.

I think this was Cane's toughest test yet, and that's saying something considering who he's faced. In the end I believe he simply bullied Cantwell around for the W, and now I'm even more excited to see him fight Thiago Silva. Two absolute bullies fighting each other. Awesome.

The one thing I think we can all take from this as far as Cane's weaknesses go is that he doesn't seem to have good defense once he starts letting his punches go. Cantwell was having a lot of success with counters off the jab and ducking the 2.

Nothing but up for these guys in the future IMO. I wouldn't be surprised to see either in a title fight within a few years
4/19/09 11:52:03AM
I will also admit that I was very impressed with Cantwell's progression since his last fight. He looked extremely comfortable on his feet and was faster than I expected. Cheers to him because I thought Cane was going to run through him. He took some power shots and stayed in the pocket when he had to. His performance was what I consider a good loss if there is such a thing. I am interested to see who they line him up with next. Jardine?
4/19/09 12:15:11PM
I thought it easily could have gotten fight of the night. I dont think either fighter even considered taking it to the ground. I thought Cane was going to crush cantwell but he did well, some very nice head kicks and boxing exchanges. Both guys really impressed me, and I can't wait to see both of them back in the octagon.
4/19/09 12:21:07PM
Very good Fight and Cantwell is a real fighter should be in the UFC for a while
4/19/09 12:33:16PM
Cantwell looked very good in defeat.

Cane is a tough dude, he was a little hurt in the 2nd and kept coming forward..i love the way he stalk his opponent and constantly presses forward throwing 2-3 strike combos everytime he attacks..and he rarely uses the same he keeps you guessing.

Luiz Arthur Banha Cane is one of my favorite fighters in mma...and I am proud to say that! haha
4/19/09 2:17:45PM
Damn, i was so mad cantwell lost. he is one of my faves.
Lost an av bet to over this fight :(
4/19/09 3:41:58PM
I really like cantwell, and wanted him to win even though i picked cane....whats crazy is how good he is for being so young. Typically your body is in its prime around 25-26, so he has 3-4 years to get better untill he hits his peak...thats crazy seing how good he is already.....also if he fights untill chucks age he will fight for 17 MORE years!!!!!!!!!!!!
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