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POLL: Cantwell - bad sportsmanship?
YES u shouldn't fell good about injuring someone 19% (20)
NO cantwell was referring to the great submission hold not the injury 14% (15)
NO break it!! break it off!! motherf**ker 10% (10)
SORT OF but the dude should of taped out 48% (50)
seeing people injured make me happy 1% (1)
sometimes i touch myself 9% (9)
12/13/08 1:00:55AM
I'm going to say classless words and classless actions AFTER the armbar. the armbar is not what is in question here people obviously cantwell had a job and went out and did his job he did what he was supposed to do and that's break his opponents arm Hassan did not do his job he probably knew there was less than a minute and thats y he held on...still dumb tho the arm break is his fault and his fault alone but cantwell has gotta show a little more class
12/13/08 1:16:59AM

Posted by ChokeUout

First off, yes..Raazak SHOULD have 5 seconds before it broke I was screaming at the TV "TAP, YOU MORON, TAP!!!" It's Raazak's Fault his arm is broken because he didn't tap.

I was doin the same thing a actualy got up and started to yell "you idot he's gonna break your" But he couldn't hear me and he got his arm broke
12/14/08 5:26:34PM

Posted by Jackelope

The arm break was fine. Cantwell did what he had to do, and Razzak didn't want to submit in his first big fight. Nothing wrong with that, IMO.

As for the comments afterward- Probably not the smartest thing to say, but he was excited, and who can blame him? These guys aren't going out there to play patty-cake. He gloated a bit about breaking his arm, sure, but it's not like he insulted the dude's family or was disrespectful in any other manner. I chalk it up to being young, being in the big stage, and being excited.

Also, the last time this happened I think was Mir/ Syliva (for an armbar) and thats almost been marketed each time Mir fights. It isnt bragging so much as it is excitement or reconition to the fighters skill and ability.
12/14/08 9:08:09PM
he will get his
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