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7/10/10 11:00:16PM
I love this to death. I hate Jose to no end for using his "knowledge" to undermind his pro sports brethren!! and having this happen is the best thing too happen in a long time. Proves canseco is a total fraud/puss in every sense of the word!! I dont care if i am banned for Fighter bashing....because to me Jose is NOT a fighter, maybe the furthest thing from it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!. He was looking for a payday. And Gary Hogan, whoopped his ass. Even if it is a Dec. Canseco cant defend his loss!!! Slam this tool to the curb and I hope he never fghts again. Boxing/MMA or otherwise!!!! GO AWAY TO CASECO!!!!!! FAR AWAY!!!!!!!!

Canseco tooled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT!!!!!: Gary Hogan is my new fucing HERO!!!!!!!
7/11/10 2:31:35AM
LOL IMO it's pretty obvious it was rigged.
7/11/10 7:24:52AM
Just an exhibition, so the only injustice is that Jose got paid. But it probably spares us Canseco-Herschel Walker in SF.
7/11/10 7:42:07AM
1:15 Canseco has already punched him self out if you ask me. What a joke!
7/11/10 11:13:38AM
I think you are all being bit unfair. I watched MOST of the fight, skipped some, it was super f-ing boring.

But Canseco coud have knocked Hogan out, his jab was solid, he just did not put anything on it. A few times he lost his cool, but Hogan couldn't move.

Canseco is a JOKE as a fighter! And I am not the type to think that someone should take it easy on an opponent in these exhibitions. But I think this was classy of Canseco.

In my mind this guy is a scumbag and can't fight. I think he still can't fight, but he is a little less of a scum bag.

Hogan's post fight recap is crazy. Canseco was not tired, the guy gave a classy wrap up, Hogan was kind of crazy thinking he took some heavy shots.

I hope Canseco never fights again, but not because of this fight.
7/11/10 6:22:16PM

I don't even know what to say about this thread topic....I'm seriously speechless.
7/11/10 8:13:28PM
Ok myabe I was a bit harsh to Jose. But in my defnse I was half in the bag. And I really do have a serious dislike for the man!
7/11/10 9:01:33PM

Posted by BustedKnuckle

Ok myabe I was a bit harsh to Jose. But in my defnse I was half in the bag. And I really do have a serious dislike for the man!

You're totally fine, dude. I am speechless because of Canseco, not you...just wanted to clarify.
7/12/10 12:06:27AM
BTW... as far as fighter bashing goes I'm pretty sure myself nor any of the other mods take canseco seriously as a fighter. That's not free reign to just totally kill the guy, but I would say you're likely to get away with things in regards to him much moreso than you are for, say, Randy Couture or someone.
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