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1/20/12 3:12:47PM

fighter interviews here

Melvin Guillard

"I am ready for this fight with (Jim) Miller. He’s a top guy, maybe the No. 3 or No. 4 in the division, and if I perform like I can do, I think it will be hard for people to say that I didn’t deserve a UFC title shot. I won’t be reckless, but you will see what I can do on FX Friday night. You will see the Young Assassin!”

“What happened (to me) last time (first-round loss against Joe Lauzon) was a mistake. I rushed in so hard and fast I was stunned with a jab and from there I lost the fight. It was kinda dumb, but I am young enough to learn as long as realize the mistake."

Jim Miller

“I’m only 28, but the thing about me is I always think I need to make things happen right now. I’ve only lost one fight in eight, but I made mistakes in that loss to Ben Henderson and I made mistakes in the wins before that, and I am in a hurry to correct those ... Some people say I am more consistent than Melvin in the Octagon, but Melvin is very dangerous on the feet and with someone like that, one mistake is all it takes. I will watch out for his power, but I will be taking this fight to him right from get-go."

"He doesn’t like fighting when you crowd him, but he’s a very quick puncher and will always be very dangerous on the counter. He’s a top lightweight with a lot of weapons, but I think I can beat him go on to challenge for the belt in 2012."

Ludwig, Neer, Barry, Morecraft interviews found in link
1/20/12 5:11:17PM
Yes sir I got my beers chilling in the snow and ready for what should be a fantastic 5 hours.
1/20/12 5:13:00PM
I'd do the same but if i put mine outside they'll be frozen stiff in less than 10 mins, looks like i'll be working with a bucket of snow!
1/20/12 5:15:35PM
i'm lookin at the schedule for sportsnet one right now and it only shows 2 hours of ufc coverage, anyone know anything more on this?
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