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9/17/07 4:45:17PM
As you know I am a former member of CTT who has made the move to CPT. It has nothing to do with the way Noxin leads his team or anything like that. Noxin is a good guy. But just like a fighter, sometimes there is just a need to change fight camps. CPT seems like it will be a power house so i made the move. If we fail miserably, then karma really got me back.

CTT was a great camp. Best of Luck!!!
9/17/07 4:47:02PM
well I appreicate your honesty man. Thanks shawneth
9/20/07 1:34:59PM
They will fail miserably
9/24/07 10:36:39PM
well with their recruiting system they will always have a nice average. At least they are representing Canadian....

they are the team with strict recruitment and rules.....

we are the team that people can come and join and theres alot of us from all over the country, and we're not super picky......

:: WAR CTT :::
10/11/07 6:06:56AM
I'll give this a bump
10/18/07 7:05:37PM
Man i think you guys got the biggest Canadian Team. Think ill give you a hand and TTT this thread.
10/18/07 7:39:10PM
if you ever want in, just lemme know

10/22/07 12:25:42PM
10/24/07 3:25:43PM
Looking for a team, i'm from PEI, Canada, CTT looks like a nice one.
11/7/07 12:26:11PM

:: WAR CTT ::

1/17/08 10:24:00AM
Note to all Canadian MMAPlayground members, you can request an invitation for Canadian Top Team. Also, if you wish to be "recruited" theres a new feature on the web site to show you are looking for a team, the best way though would be to request a camp invitation directly and I will get you in ASAP!

:: WAR CTT ::


We are currently holding First Place in the Superheavyweight Division ! Help us keep it there!
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