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7/19/07 2:33:32PM

I was msg'd earlier about someone stealing and now using my avatar as their own, If anyone finds this person, realize how lame they are. And that i've had the same damn avatar since I joined here way back at the start of season 1. If you're gonna be a n00b, at least be an original n00b.

7/20/07 12:41:17AM
7/20/07 5:29:58PM
lol Noxin :P

I rmember seeing youer avatar way back when, I can vouche for you! :P
7/21/07 12:17:31AM
I saw it in a forum.........cmill21 stole it
8/1/07 10:11:36AM
8/1/07 2:34:14PM
lol, at least we all know who had it first anyways :)

Things are looking good for the season, we're even sending new members sort of a msg after they join, telling about how we expect them to place picks on every event, etc. Pretty cool, we should have,.... i HOPE, 100% participation for the next show.
8/3/07 3:10:43PM
With the recent cleanouts I"m sure we will
8/8/07 11:05:58AM
8/17/07 1:25:47PM
8/19/07 5:18:22PM
Less then a week till UFC 74, if you want invites, make sure you make requests so I can send out the invitations. WAR CTT!
8/19/07 7:26:21PM
I think that gsp will kill koscheck in the octogone, hoping anyways....

GO CANADIAN TOP TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

8/25/07 7:37:25PM
GSP BY KO!!!!!!!!
8/26/07 5:19:27PM
well, after ufc 74 succesful night, we are now in third place in the heavyweight division !!!

all members did there full picks for the event .

we are now 88 members, one of the bigest on this site.

the new rule of the team work well and we are preparing to jump in first place !!!!

8/27/07 12:05:05PM
One of the biggest, and at 100% participation.

We are gonna rule MMAplayground!

8/28/07 11:39:03AM
Keep up the good work Team we need to over take ATT

8/28/07 9:12:39PM
On a less upbeat note...

Canadian Top Team is closed for anyone who wishes to join who have not participated since the beginning of the season. Upon completion of this season, the camp will be open up again to all Canadian people who wish to join.

REMEMBER :: You can still sign up this season if you have been putting in picks since The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale

Sorry if I come across like a bit of a dick because of this, but allowing people in that were missing picks, was hurting our team in the rankings. And please don't be discouraged if you wished to join only to find out that you can't now, I really would like to see an even larger Canadian Top Team for next season, so please I hope no one is mad and will join our family for season 3.

8/30/07 1:13:35AM
I am in Victoria. Batting 1000 after the first fight picks, pick every winner but not so good on the rounds and outcome.
9/4/07 12:02:42AM
the team is actually in a great fight for the heavyweight 's championship.

we are for sure the biggest team in the top 5 with our 90 members,

we are for sure the most organized team when it come to the welcome of news members and the information that they receive at there arrival in the team.

we are for sure the best team when it come to the knowledge of stastistic and the mathematic involve in the ranking of the heavyweight division.

we are 100% canadians members only , we dont cheat on this , like some others teams with a country name.

we are going to win the championship, just watch and enjoy !!!

9/6/07 4:26:53PM
You guys will never beat my AMERICAN TOP TEAM.. HAAAAAAAA
9/7/07 7:25:10AM
Nice Av Aoki is one of may favorite fighters
on another note

the american top team has highjacked our thread we need to catch up to them in the next month this is the time to do it with all of the events comign up
9/10/07 12:48:42AM
well, mr. snakeman88

you will know what happen to guys like you when they start insulting us in our own territory.

we will past you even if we have to do some crazy stuff , we will past you man !!

also australia and europe are not in american territory man, you should call yourself the multi nation team, and you should check your roster man, maybe you have some afghan or irakian people , who are trying to bring the corran in your troops !!!

9/11/07 12:51:40AM
9/13/07 11:10:37PM
Proud Canadian here from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Can I join?

9/17/07 2:25:33AM
Camp has been hit

certain members jumped out of team to form some form of Elite squad where people with not the greatest records, cant get in

we've lost quite a few members

we need to rebuild .... registrations are now open
9/17/07 10:53:13AM
thank you n0xin for understanding the situation, it is really an elite team that i will try to lead to the top of the ranking .

9/17/07 3:26:17PM
I'm sticking with CTT.... thanks!

9/17/07 3:27:26PM
Thank you Fever, that shows good loyalty and is much appreicated!

9/17/07 4:28:42PM
"shut the **** up faggot, I dont see you hosting a team of 80+ people, eat a fat dick and join your faggot friend Tuvok asshole you aint gettin shit you little bitch"
Thanks for the ^p.m^ n0xin, you really showed your heart....
9/17/07 4:34:40PM
You think I give 2 shits about what I said to you, you think the people of the team care that I got pissed the **** off at you for trying to give me a ultimatum. I pasted YOUR ******* msg that you sent before mine in CTT fight camp, I treat people that treat me with respect, equally.

When a asshole like you says "give me camp leader, you have until the end of the day to decide" like a threat, I dont want people like you a part of the team.

9/17/07 4:40:07PM
All i have to say is those who know, know....n0xin is a ****** joke....
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