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1/16/07 7:37:55AM
Hey Everyone,

This one goes out to all the Canadian fantasy league members here, would like to get us all together and make one united team to kick some ass online for Canada!

Myself, i've participated in various mma fantasy leagues with marginal success in each one, was champion at one point on a popular torrent tracker's fantasy league. Been watching like as a hardcore MMA fan for the last 3 years, soaking in all the history of the sport that I can learn. So i'm confident that if we all get together we can make an impressive team.

I've made the team public so you can at any point request to join the team I assume. Thank you for your attention!

1/16/07 8:32:12AM
Where in Canada noxin? me and my friend are in Toronto. I already started my camp tho! :)
1/16/07 8:39:47AM
I respect Canadians as human beings that breath the same air that I do. All the best with your new camp my northern friend! I've also learned that posting in all caps is not nearly as enjoyable as I once thought and is also against the the rules I agreed to before signing up

Life is great,
1/16/07 10:38:44AM
hey sick rick, speaking in all caps and saying the idiot stuff that you do makes it clear that you are the kind of forum troll that everyone hates to have on their forums. **** off and die.
1/16/07 11:05:05AM
no need to get angry in here, this place is to form up a Canadian team, I understand your frustration, but it's over now. No more worries, join up people!!!

1/16/07 11:20:03AM
I WANT IN! I'm from Vancouver, Canada!!! REPRESENT! :D
1/16/07 11:23:57AM
Lets see who is good at picking fights after this first event - then we'll see about forming a strong camp. Best case scenario: we put together a team of knowledgeable people who can pick winners - and then use this to become fabulously wealthy by betting using online betting sites.

1/16/07 2:54:31PM
East Coast here, Nova Scotia. I am down for CTT!!
1/16/07 3:06:35PM

Good to see all my fellow canucks follow suit and join us here at Canadian Top Team. We are at 3 members currently spanning from west to east coast Canada. Keep em' coming people!!

1/17/07 3:25:51PM
Hey there,

If I can't find my own team is there a possibility a South African can become an honorary Cannuck-stani ?

1/17/07 3:26:44PM
We love South Africans at the Wicked Wizard camp...haha I sent you an invite.
1/17/07 3:56:49PM
Animal is my friend but I guess if I started inviting just anyone, wouldnt be much of a "Canadian" Top Team, so sorry man looks like someone scooped you up anyways :) Good Luck!
1/17/07 5:05:56PM

Posted by n0xin

Animal is my friend but I guess if I started inviting just anyone, wouldnt be much of a "Canadian" Top Team, so sorry man looks like someone scooped you up anyways :) Good Luck!

Hey n0xin thanks for the heads up fella

Wassup to Animal as well

I tihnk I'm gonna create my own UK based team called "do ya know what I mean" I promise to add subtitles for those of you who don't understand what i'm saying
1/17/07 5:24:59PM
i put my request in i am from mississauga

been watching mma for a long time saw ufc 1 live on PPV.

1/17/07 9:13:16PM
nice to see you in here Livershot and Animal. Wish you guys the best of luck with your picks.
1/18/07 8:19:11PM
This is the official Canadian Top Team thread then. Please join people.

1/22/07 11:38:21PM
Definitly tje BEST Canadian team on here.
Go Canada Go
1/23/07 11:13:11AM
Join CTT
1/23/07 3:16:25PM
Lets go Canucks..i know there a lot of you MMA fans in the wrong camps..Represent!!! Come to CTT
1/24/07 12:03:12AM
WE need a nice, growing community here guys, keep it up!
1/24/07 5:22:08PM
send me an invite yonski
1/24/07 6:01:34PM
i want in!!!
1/24/07 7:12:31PM
sent an invite request -
1/24/07 9:11:19PM
Sign me up, man. Representing Van City.
1/24/07 9:16:05PM
Toronto, Ontario here :D
1/24/07 9:48:42PM
i want in too :D Burnaby, BC
1/24/07 9:58:43PM
Halifax, NS, love to join up
1/24/07 10:18:08PM
Hey, from Brampton myself. Let me join the club.
1/24/07 10:48:53PM
Invitations have been sent ,damn, today was big time fantasy draft day for Canadian Top Team , lol, we've got like a WHOLE bunch of membership requests today. KEEP EM COMING!!! I HEAR YOUR CALLS!!!

1/25/07 12:45:34AM
Keeping CTT at the top.
Join up Canadians!
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