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2/25/08 1:29:24PM
I posted all the information here In case people do not always frequent the news forum or it gets burried, here it is again.

5/10/08 11:16:57PM
Just an update, I got an email today saying that Dan Henderson will be attending and doing a seminar.
5/12/08 6:31:40PM
Wow $12 for this thing? That seems pretty cheap.
5/13/08 12:48:00AM

Posted by madmarck

Wow $12 for this thing? That seems pretty cheap.

It's cheap to just walk around and check out the booths, but it gets pricey if you want to participate in any seminar.
6/10/08 8:41:38PM
MMA Expo just keeps getting HOTTER!

In addition to these MMA veterans appearing both days:

Matt Serra
Shonie Carter
Dan Henderson
Frank Trigg
Gary Goodridge
Jeff Joslin
Justin Bruckman
Brandon Curts
Chris Horodecki ...and many more...

MMA Expo is pleased to announce that in concert with Xtreme Couture
Toronto, we also just added THIS well-known UFC veteran with an
impressive 35-3-1 record to our stellar line-up! Sean Sherk
6/18/08 8:18:40AM
Two announcements for this. Here is one (the other in a post below)

Here's an interview on Toronto's FAN590 Sports Radio that gives a great summary of MMA Expo coming up June 21 &22.

Help us make MMA Expo a roaring success by forwarding this email to your MMA and TMA buds.

And if you're a blogger or forum fanatic please feel free to toss this link up on your favourite site.

Click here ->

6/18/08 8:22:18AM
Read on. There's no doubt now. MMA Expo really is…

MMA might be illegal in Ontario but that sure as hell isn’t holding Mixed Martial Arts Expo back from bringing you a convention centre full of top-notch MMA talent. Just imagine…

In addition to all the previous MMA celebrity announcements:

Matt Serra
Shonie Carter
Dan Henderson
Frank Trigg
Gary Goodridge
Jeff Joslin
Mark Bocek
Brandon Curt
Chris Horodecki
Mark Hominick
And these MMA notables that we just added to the line-up today:

Carlos Newton
Shawn Peters
Pete Sell

We are also thrilled to announce that as part of their press conference to be held on site at MMA Expo on Saturday at 2PM, Affliction Banned and The Fight Network are bringing to the stage two of the toughest warriors from Affliction's upcoming July 19 fight night:

Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski, Former UFC Heavyweight Champion
and his opponent...
“Big” Ben Rothwell, Former IFC Heavyweight Champion

Imagine: Arlovski AND Rothwell…face to face...on the stage at MMA Expo! And you're there!
Woah! Catch them live at MMA Expo. And then catch 'em on Pay-per-View on July 19.
There is absolutely NO event on the planet that gives you as much personal and up-close
access to as many MMA fighters as Mixed Martial Arts Expo. Bring your camera.
And bring friends.

BIG HINT TO SAVE TIME IN LINE: The line-ups at the door could be significant.
Skip the line-ups by purchasing your tickets on-line now. Just print out your bar-coded
ticket, put it under the scanner at the door, and POOF!'re in. Only $15 General Admission
gives you access to all these celebrities who will be touring the show ALL weekend!!!

Don't miss MMA Expo. And don’t waste your time stuck in a General Admission line up.
Purchase your tickets now – click here

Train with Matt Serra – click here
Compete in the Grappling Tournament – click here
Participate in the on-site seminar program – click here
Volunteer to work at the event - click here

Mixed Martial Arts Expo
6900 Airport Road
Across from Pearson International Airport
Hall 4
Saturday, June 21 - 10AM to 9PM
Sunday, June 22 - 11AM to 6PM
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