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1/24/08 11:48:30AM
If there are any Canadians out there looking to join a fight camp, check out Canadian Glory. I just started the camp and am looking to recruit new members. Plus, I'm too lazy to check out every profile on the recruitment page looking for Canadians.

By the way, being Canadian isn't a requirement to join, but it would be nice.
1/25/08 1:50:41PM
Hey there,

Iam from the maritimes and my record isn't to bad and I just recently joined up. Are you taking members still? I have my bio page with a pic and avatar and have some experience in martial arts if that helps.

Later man

Rich Ellis
1/26/08 8:18:18AM
My fight camp is no longer active so I am willing to join this one. I have a decent record so far. I am Irish BTW.
1/26/08 10:27:18AM

I had a look at your record and yes, it is pretty good. What does it take to join or run a fight club?? It would be cool to have just some Canadian boy's form a group, maybe invite some special AMERICANS who are worthy.............just kidding people!!, MMA is for all of us.This is pretty cool though, this forum and all that.

Take care

2/6/08 10:49:22PM
Hey guys (or gals). Sorry I haven't replied to anyones posts. I haven't had much time for any forum surfing (been extremely busy with work and university).

Anyway, if anyone's interested in joining the camp, they can send a message to my mailbox or just post it here and I can send them an invite. I'll try to check back everyday to see if anyone is interested.
2/15/08 5:43:28PM
Hello my name is Jesse and I'm Canadian and I've been a member since late last year and just now noticed the fight camp portion and read what it was about and came across this forum so if you're looking for members I would like to join ya.
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