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2/3/07 1:53:38AM
hey, so one may not be a team. i just came to play the game, not pick up boys on the internet that want to find someone who has something in common with them so they can start a relationship. that is an internet addicted loser.
2/3/07 2:00:13AM
i'm sure mmaplayground would love to start a new online buisiness and then 1 month later lose half of their patrons because some of you don't want to call camps with less people than yours a real team. that would be a real success for them, don't you think. and i did fail math.
2/3/07 7:18:07AM
JCT COME THE F*CK DOWN man, you will find more people on a team, a camp is not one person .. you should have just keep one and not called your self a camp... chill you dont like it then get off the site......
2/3/07 5:08:49PM
i like the site just fine, i'm just not so sure about you. maybe you should work on your spelling and grammar cause i didn't understand a word you just said
2/4/07 10:21:02AM

Posted by Dai

Dude, you worship the devil so it's understandable that you and common sense don't necessarily see eye to eye.

1 person is not a team.

Hell, I say any group with less than four be dissolved, or just automatically rename such teams to "Trio #" and "Duo #"; teams of one will naturally be renamed to "Friendlest Internet Addicted Loser #".

I think that if a team doesn't grow to 4 in a week it should automatically be fed to another, larger team.

Naaaaaaaa i think we should leave small camps alone. If somebody wants to start they own camp then let them. Bigger isnt always better a Larger Team will have more crap players on it and their average will be brought down.
2/6/07 7:36:20PM
2/7/07 8:36:10AM
i dont care how it goes any more i am having fun and i hope other people are too.. it gives people a great thing to be apart of...
2/7/07 8:40:09AM
The camp weight catergories has worked really well so far, it gives other camps the oppurtunity to grow for the second season. Add's a more competitive approach as we can have move than one winner then a P4P winner at the end of the season maybe,
2/7/07 8:51:50AM
that sounds really good , i would like to see some awards for diff categories
2/7/07 11:24:05AM
i think rewards should only go t single fighters ot camps just like in the ufc camps don't win belts there fighters do. the rep will come to the camps if they got champs in them like it is in the ufc.
2/7/07 1:26:06PM
different rewards sound good to me
best winning % camp from each weight division
most play money made in each weight division
the money is only going to the top individual, so rewards for bragging rights would be cool.
2/7/07 1:54:09PM
YEAH there needs to be all kinda rewards even awards for biggest online bullie lol.. but seriously im sure they will do a good job, this site is being ran pretty good so im excited either way
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