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10/20/12 9:59:43PM
Every time I go to the camp recruitment page it either locks up my browser or forces it to restart.

Does this happen to anyone else?

Have tried my stock android browser. Opera and Google Chrome. All lock up or restart.

Can't remember if this has been addressed or not.

Thanks for taking the time to look into this thread
10/20/12 11:26:12PM
at first it was good but now it acts like its having a stroke for a couple minutes then the page kicks in and its fine. i've only went to it twice since it started. the first time it happened i was like WTF? the second time was just to see if it would do it again, and it did
10/21/12 2:24:10AM
The PG gods aren't happy with your performance
10/21/12 8:25:31AM
way to piss off the gods george
10/22/12 10:44:03AM
I've never had any issues w/it. Haven't used it in a couple months though.
10/22/12 10:54:34AM
Interesting. I'm doubtful its only me though. I'll get in touch with some camp leaders and see what's up
10/24/12 3:50:50AM
I just went into it. I think the issue is the "free agents" aren't listed on pages of 50 or whatever, it's one giant list. I imagine depending on connection speed and computer, it could definitely go tits up if it tried to load it.
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