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9/20/07 3:13:56PM
How are the camps ranked? How come a team with a better win % and more money is ranked lower? Just wondering.......
9/20/07 3:34:02PM
It might be ranked on points.
9/20/07 4:11:46PM
I copied and pasted this in from another thread about this topic.

DoTheMMAth (mod) was the one who originally posted this info in a thread


All the camps are ranked 1 through [# of camps in division] in 3 different categories at the time of completion of each main league MMA event. You may have added the top 20 wager earners on the site to your fight camp the day after UFC 74 and now have a massive average bankroll, but it won't help your rankings until the camp ranking stats are run at the next event.

These three categories are (as stated above) season win %, average bankroll, and average point score rank. A "win" is when you correctly predict the winner of a fight. A "loss" is when you incorrectly pick a fight's winner. Win percentage is, well, I assume you can figure that one out along with "average member bankroll". Average point score rank refers to the average sitewide rank of all fight camp members in our points game. "Cherry picker" fight camps who only pick on easy fights may have a good win percentage, but they won't do as well in the average point score rank from not getting as many points as possible.

These 3 rankings are then averaged to see who has the overall best ranking.
9/20/07 4:22:05PM
is there a prize to the top camp?
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