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9/8/08 11:11:11AM
Since we already have rankings listed in parenthesis under our names when posting in the forum, would it be possible to have fight camp rankings in parenthesis next to the name of our fight camps?


** DISCLAIMER: Yes, I'm also bragging. **

9/8/08 1:18:09PM
good idea-

personally dropped to #2 with my pathetic picks....

why did I think Pat could upset Boetsch-

why did i think the weight and strenght of Hammill could beat ACEs experience and striking........

I should have known Evans would WRECK Lidell.....
9/8/08 5:23:50PM
Seems feasible and I would like to see it as well.
9/8/08 6:55:24PM
Great idea! Not sure about the programming aspects, but I doubt it would be difficult.
9/8/08 9:32:54PM
sounds good, that away I have some kind of good ranking next to my name,lol, sofar this season I am suckin bad.
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