A Camp with potential like no other: Ascension Athletics

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7/26/07 2:28:13AM
Cause I am in it Seriously I am new to this site, but an MMA expert, I love the UFC and Pride, especially UFC. As of the next few days, just based on my real life close friends I will have a handful of members, in addition to whoever joins reading this. I want active members, I don't care what your "expert" level on this is, I care what your real expert level is. I will push the level and activity of the leaugue, and I know of at least 3 others who will be in for sure, they are friends of mine who I have given the glee of joining in last few days, that will also. The knowledge level and talent in this league will be great and growing. To those of you who are really passionate about this, I am talking to you. Join Ascension Athletics people. Peace.
8/4/07 10:32:12AM
If you wanna matchup with first rate MMA fans who love the sport and will be active this leauge has your name written all over it. You gotta ascend.
8/11/07 9:35:22AM
Up is the only way we go.
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