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6/6/13 1:36:46AM
Hello, I'm Aaron aka Black Chip and I'm the leader of the Playground Bullies.

We were once a camp of over 60 people, and now we are down to 24 as we adapted over the years to remain competitive on the site. Right now we are looking to add players that like to talk, and who like to be active on forums. Of course, we also expect new members to have a history of picking every primary event, placing wagers as applicable, and a win rate of at least a 60%.

As for the camp itself, we've been around for a while and currently we are ranked #1 in the HW division. We also finished #1 the season before last. and are happy to say that we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary next month. In addition to our proven track record of success, we hold cash $ contests and keep a fairly active forum board. As part of our contests, we've also given away around 10 UFC Encyclopedias through contests due to one of our members having an affiliation with the book, as well as custom T-Shirts and other MMA memorabilia. Needless to say, we do our best to keep our camp fun and exciting and rewarding for everyone involved.

The main thing we are looking for are true MMA enthusiasts who would be excited to join the top camp and who have the time and the ability to be active and insightful on our forum board. Hopefully, we will be able to reward you with cash, badges, trophies, prizes, camaraderie, and most of all, a good time!

PM me if interested or if you have any questions!

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

- Aaron aka BC

p.s. MN residents are a plus, as we have a few and have been known to meet up in person for events, particularly those in Chicago.
6/9/13 1:05:05AM
EDITED. Still looking for one or two more members.
6/9/13 1:08:35AM

jk goodluck to yall
6/9/13 1:13:53AM
Thanks for the PM george, I won't tell your camp
6/9/13 1:22:04AM

Posted by TheBlackChip

Thanks for the PM george, I won't tell your camp

On a serious note, I know yall are an awesome camp. Been here for as long as i can remember. Cant see FlashyG or Bojanglez name without syncing it with The Playground Bullies

So whoever comes into this thread interested in joining, jump on it. They are more than legit.
6/9/13 1:37:25AM
Thank you we appreciate the kind words!
6/22/13 12:49:25AM
Happy to say that we've added a couple of the top free agents out there, but are still looking to add a few more. Ideally we'd like to be at around 30 members, and are at 28 now. Just as an FYI our last event thread (Evans-Hendo) had 81 replies and 590 views on it. With only 27 members at the time that wasn't too bad, but I know we can do better.

Here is a sampling from that thread...

I will not be betting on Hendo-Evans either way. I traditionally do not bet main events, as the main reason I do this is to have fun and I tend to enjoy big fights less when I need a particular fighter to win. And in this case it just isn't worth betting. The odds are even, the fight is fairly even, and it involves the all powerful H-Bomb, which is as dangerous and unpredictable as a pogo stick made out of a loaded shotgun. - TheBlackChip

And I still think Krause is still a good underdog pick whether I pick him or not. Stout usually uses his grappling in reverse which the judges still don't seem to like, which is why he's lost decisions when he might have deserved the win. But then again I think Stout has earned a lot of b/s decisions and have lost decisions he should have won, so really stout is a wildcard to me and not reliable to pick. - The_Non_Prophet

I think the best bet on the card is Shawn Jordan only because Barry has such a glaringly easy way to lose. - blarg

Again, if you might be interested or have questions shoot me a PM!

- BC

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