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12/1/09 12:11:56PM
My camp has is dead. No one has posted anything / logged in for weeks.

Any takers?

12/1/09 12:25:43PM
Moved to the Fight Camp forum.

Also...Sabotage, Inc. will be moving up to the HW division next season (after 2 more events) so, if interested, we'd love to have you as long as you make all of your picks for the Primary league.
12/1/09 3:03:48PM
Do it!
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12/1/09 5:37:40PM
I have PM'd you, Would love to have you on board.
12/2/09 9:43:49AM

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12/7/09 7:44:07PM
Do it again!
12/8/09 3:24:36AM
We have an active forum in the Bullies all that is asked is that you make all your main league picks
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