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9/22/07 11:14:41AM
I was wondering if anyone else is running into this issue - I have 3 people in duXup who haven't logged in for over 100 days, I try to keep everyone active and posting at least before every fight, and everyone seems to be team players other than these 3 people. One of them has a great record, but the other 2 are horrible, and they are hurting our overall camp record. I've warned all 3 with no response. Should I boot them all? Or just the 2 with the bad records? Or just leave them all floating? Anyone else run into this?
Thank you-

P.S - If you would rather respond in PM please feel free to do so, would love to get some advice from other camp leaders on this one
9/23/07 10:38:56PM
boot them...
9/23/07 10:49:28PM
Dude, if they haven't shown up in 100 days, they aint coming back. How many events have there been in the last 100 days? A dozen?

I'd boot them, as they're dead weight, regardless of records.
9/23/07 11:48:46PM
in my team, if a guy forget to pick 2 fight in an event he is cut, and everybody seem to feel fine about that.

all my guys are very huge fan of mma and they log every days or so.

you are a little bit too sweet with these guys, just cut them and it will be over !!!

9/24/07 1:47:23AM
If you miss an event on my team, you better have a good excuse, or you'll get the boot...
10/1/07 11:22:20PM
Whack'em man, that just ridiculous. 200 days 100 days?? They arent really on your team anyway so what are you really losing? Nothing.

Your a pretty nice guy though.
10/2/07 6:09:32PM
Yeah I've had to do this to a few people as well, they don't make any picks and they don't even post. They're only hurting the camp...
10/3/07 3:06:52PM
in my camp there are 6 people who haven't logged in in a month. I just made a new set of rules and two of them are u have to Log in once a week and everyone has 2 events after becoming a Camp member to become an MMA regular. I sent every single person in my camp a "progress Report" telling them what they had to do. The people who Haven't logged in have 10 days to come back (actually it's down to 4) or they will immediately be dropped. I warned everyone and so far two people have had a problem with the rules and left everyone was willing to accept them, i thought they were pretty fair. Anyway to avoid your problem outline some rules for your camp and follow them this way u won't have any problems if u need to drop someone.
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