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POLL: Could / How would this work?
Division dominance takes all! 22% (2)
Rivalries Rule! 44% (4)
In MODeration..... 11% (1)
MMA Army wars are a bad idea! 22% (2)
2/3/12 2:13:34AM
Just tossing out an idea I recently had with the intent of spicing up the rewards for the camps who take their divisions out over the course of the season. This can be tweaked per division or through the mods of course. Winner takes all in their division or rival camps could place more specific bets. Integrity, respect, and a mutual understanding amongst all the members would be key for success. Is this allowed or do we all think it would get out of hand?
2/3/12 10:04:00AM
I like the idea of being able to change an opposing camp's avatar. Maybe just for the duration in between events though.

It works from the point of view of camp rivalries and is not overly punitive.
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