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2/26/12 1:50:56AM
hit me up.
3/1/12 12:01:09AM
Before I send you an invitation, I would like to know what the symbol in your avatar means and stands for...

If you ask me, it looks like a new age swastika sign.
3/4/12 1:21:38AM
My apologies. I looked up the symbol and it stands for anti-government, anti-hate, anti war, and a lot of other anti's.

If you post again under my post, I will send you an invitation.
3/4/12 2:08:30AM
lol sorry man just saw this. Yea im not racist or fascist, quite the opposite lol.
3/4/12 1:54:59PM
Message The_Metal_Maniac we're always looking for some help.
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