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12/31/11 4:57:31PM
Sup guys,
I used to play this game pretty hardcore in the beginning, but have slacked off a bit the last 5 seasons or so.
Starting with this season I am back to making 100% of my picks, and plan on going back to Premium to ensure I don't miss anymore picks.
My thinking of supreme wrestler > supreme striker kind of messed up my bankroll for the first event, but I promise I'll make it up later in the season.
12/31/11 5:33:57PM
Hah, unless you have a buddy named RedSeal, no thank you!
12/31/11 8:24:06PM
Hey Cope, talk to Rabi about joining Project Mayhem. Not sure about anyone else but id love to have ya
12/31/11 8:24:28PM
You have always seemed legit and so long as you make all of your picks like you say then I am sure Fleek would take you in....hit him with a pm.
12/31/11 8:55:50PM
Thanks for all the PM's and requests guys.
I think I decided to hop on the Dark Horse bandwagon (Shawn is a good persuader)
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