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12/11/08 8:53:34AM
i'm looking to join a camp let me know if u have an opening.
12/11/08 9:09:25AM
join the 360 Mafia! just send Kracker_Jap a PM

Kracker_Jap's page
12/11/08 11:51:18AM
lol leave it to danny to beat me to the puch but yes join the best camp on the playground
12/11/08 1:03:31PM
what else am i to do when im at home sick
12/12/08 6:50:55PM
If you are still looking for one, World Top Team would love to have you.
12/12/08 8:05:07PM
Goddamnitt why didn't you say so? Come here brother, gimme a hug, bring it in for the real thing!! God Damn you, I almost nunckucked you, you don't even realize.

pm F-Man if you like to win, have a sense of humor and can make all picks everytime... and you like meatloaf.

that's it. The WarWagon wants you.

12/12/08 10:46:17PM
Another satisfied customer, I see.
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