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2/24/07 3:21:18AM
Yo I'm looking to get recruited to a good camp. I have a pretty good record so far and have very good knowledge of MMA. I'm an avid listener of the beatdown and love teh subfighter and mmaweekly(like josh gross - not a whole lot of love for the peeps at sherdog.net). I love fighters who give everything they have, fighters who try to finish the fight before it's over, and fighters who entertain. For those three reasons I love to watch NYBA Baroni, James Thompson, Kid Yamamoto, Shogun, Iceman, Rampage, Fedor, GSP, Overeem, Hellboy Hansen, and Gomi!

subfighter forum name - JimmyHpnotiq

sherdog forum name - Gambits

Also I would like to wager anything that Wand Silva does not knock Hendo out. I will even accept one proposal that I have Hendo winning.
2/24/07 3:08:04PM
Hey, ur more than welcome to join the bravo forum group. we need 1 more member to move into the light heavyweight division.
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