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6/13/07 7:39:20PM

... In a pretty classy way I might add..

Here's what Dana is referring to in his statements calling Calvin a criminal.

Catch Me If You Can

Very readworthy and makes you think twice about whether you want Bodog involved in the sport of MMA or not.
6/13/07 10:21:38PM
Man Calvin made Dana look like a jackass IMO.

Dana says that these smaller MMA shows are necessary but he allways seems to not show them any support. (cagerage, bodog)
6/13/07 10:31:14PM
IMO Dana's frustrated because he knows that unlike Pride and WFA, he can never ever buy Bodog Fight.
Bodog is gonna be around as long as they feel like and they still have a lot of good fighters who Dana at the moment can't acquire.
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