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7/22/07 4:57:02AM
if ur a juggalo and want to join a fresh ass camp hit me up
7/22/07 9:09:39AM
Dude, I think juggalos went the way of ICP...Right down the toilet...
7/23/07 4:04:08PM
i agree with inked
7/23/07 4:12:55PM

Posted by blakeon

i agree with inked

Are you even old enough to know who ICP is???

Judging by your post history content I'm thinking your an early teen.
7/23/07 5:19:56PM
i no wat ICP is... its a stock.
7/23/07 6:00:34PM
I'm just playin'

I would join if there were at least 20 members... I want to stay in an heavyweight or maybe light-heavy camp. Don't want to be in anything smaller than that really.
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