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7/14/08 6:37:44PM
After a tumultuous week of reactions from numerous commissions and public figures concerning the new rulings passed by the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC), the state of California has released a statement concerning changes they will or won’t be adopting when concerning the new rules. The statement did clearly define how California will deal with the new rules.

7/14/08 9:06:56PM
I don't like Califonia's definition for the back of the head. It is too easy for a lay and pray fighter to just hide his face and not get hit.
7/14/08 9:26:58PM
God most of these rules changes are awful and/or pointless, and california is apparently neglecting the only change that makes sense in the downward pointing elbows rule. I'd love to hear what their discussions were like about these rules.

Person A: "ooh elbows... We don't have those in boxing. Sounds dangerous!"

Person B: "clearly the angle the elbow is thrown at should be considered"

Person C: "Yeah I think if they're going sideways-like they'll just bounce off, but if it's going like straight down you could easily break a hole directly through someone's head."

Person A: "We should probably make that illegal."
7/14/08 10:31:07PM
i don't see the ufc coming to cali at all anymore
7/15/08 7:57:54AM
I like how you can hit some of the weakest parts of the skull yet some of the strongest are illegal spots. Weak.
7/15/08 9:28:09AM
What is with the weight differences? Does that mean heavyweights can't have more than 20 lbs weight difference? That would mean that a smaller heavyweight like Mirko Cro Cop or Brandon Vera couldn't fight a large heavyweight like Frank Mir or Brock Lesnar. When Randy Couture fought Tim Sylvia there was about a 40 lbs weight difference and it didn't have much affect on the fight.
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